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I liked a few of her songs until I heard them every 15 minutes on the radio. Now even my daughter (who was a big fan) tells me to change the station if an Adele song comes on in the car.
I just downloaded this onto my Nook this weekend. I'm about 100 pages in so far.
I have read all the books. That's why I was asking. I didn't remember that scene and it seemed out of order to me. But I went back and re-read a couple of wiki posts and it looks like it happens. I hadn't thought of it as happening on that scale, however.
What was up with that final scene? I don't remember that from the book (not that my memory's perfect...).
I want my five clicks back.
I'm looking forward to an explosion of discussion about it on the 9th in this thread.
Agreed. Frankly, I'm just glad to have any sort of decent fantasy/swords and sorcery show on TV.
I like the idea that the magic in GOT usually sucks and has horrible, taxing consequences on the people that try to use it. It's a lot better than the whole "wave a staff and my enemies are vanquished" stuff you so often see.
[[SPOILER]] This is my first time using a spoiler tag. I am very proud of myself.
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