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When the fatties take over, you'll be the first up against the wall. Oh, wait.
So can we move past this and get back to nerding out over the movie despite its many flaws and shortcomings?
Well, to be fair: we're also talking about a movie that some of us watched almost 40 years ago. So...yeah.
Apparently it took TFA 20 days to do what it took Avatar 330 days to accomplish. So I'd say that by any measure TFA's domestic record is legit.
My comment was actually a rhetorical question in response to Jr.'s comment. But this is a great response.
"My four-year-old could have painted that! What is this crap?!!?"
It's an easy mix-up. I've always wondered why the companies didn't do a better job of differentiating themselves.From what I've seen, Farmers has decent insurance products. It's just the sales model that sucks, and then mostly just for the salespeople. State Farm seems to follow the classic agent sales model.
Maybe TwanginFool.
That's a change from my normal nomenclature, which is to call it "dat Oculus Rift." I keep hoping it will catch on, but alas.
New Posts  All Forums: