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I was supposed to serve as a witness in a trial today (long story) and the lawyers involved 1) told me differing times to show up; 2) finally agreed; and 3) when I showed up at that time I sat outside the courtroom for 30 minutes before one of the lawyers came out to tell me that the judge wouldn't be hearing any more testimony today. So I guess I will be returning a few weeks from now if the parties can't manage to settle. At least I got to wear a suit, I guess.
Can you imagine how huge your jacket would have to be to fit all that hardware under there?
I think bagels are remarkably versatile when it comes to puttin' on dem toppings.
I probably do part one of that three times a day: imagine something bad/embarrassing I've done and then imagine what would happen if someone found out/said something and then get all self-righteous/defensive in my own mente about my bad acts.Fortunately I leave it at that, usually after reminding myself that I would probably deserve whatever opprobrium I received.
That sounds pretty promising. Good luck!
I'm 6'2" and I find that if I get below about 185 people start asking me if I'm unwell. A few years back I got down to about 178 and a few people asked my wife if I had cancer and wasn't telling anyone.
I dropped three pounds today just by not stuffing my face with cake and ice cream. My body seems happy to get rid of the fat it accumulated over the weekend. I hope to be back to my normalish 190 by mid-next week.
I envision most of SF looking like Jojen Reed: Except not as muscular.
Had a visitor at the office today.
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