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I usually love previews. If the movie looks good, then I'm glad I got to enjoy a little taste of what's to come. If the movie looks bad, then it's a great opportunity to practice my MST3K obnoxiousness (quietly, of course). I don't like the product commercials, but they tend to be pretty short, so it's not so bad.
I wear an Air King to work every day. I think it still looks great and don't have any plans to get rid of it. I also have a Seiko SKX007, which is a larger watch that I wear casually. I don't have huge wrists so both watches work for me.
I think the idea is to distinguish between the five-pocket (jean style) cords from the ones that are cut like chinos (fancy dress pants!).
Has anyone read Zone One by Colson Whitehead? The humans in that book are tasked with clearing zombies out of NYC. They wear kevlar mesh armor and full-face masks and helmets. That made the most sense to me. If I could find something like that I'd wear it 24/7.
That's a Border. I have the same jacket. I like the longer length and extra rain coverage.
Is that Michael Cera?
It's beautiful, but it also looks like a great place to fall to your death trying to get a drink from the fridge at two in the morning.
This is another thing I love about having a Nook.
I thought Stranger in a Strange Land was a snoozefest. I didn't connect with any of the characters and I wanted them all to die by the end.I really enjoyed Cloud Atlas.
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