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We saw it. It was pretty bad. There are plenty of reviews online (some of them quite funny) that outline the movie's many shortcomings.
So do I. I am pretty good at playing a chord and then...wait for it...playing an entirely different chord! Sometimes I will even switch to an entirely different third chord or perhaps return to the first chord.But stuff like that sloppy video: nope.
Ah, okay. I can't really help you with any of that. Hopefully you find something that's a good fit for your needs. My experience with MountainSmith is limited to their lumbar packs from about 20 years ago (which seemed pretty bulletproof). I liked mine quite a bit. Unfortunately, the guy who broke into my Jeep one night apparently liked it a lot, too.
I just finished a six-day backpacking trip. My pack is a 50L, and FWIW it was just about right for traveling light and fast (most of my gear is very lightweight). I don't think I could have fit everything comfortably into a 40L pack. Most of the people on the trip had 65L packs.
Is that you (new to the thread--maybe you post these all the time)? That's pretty cool.
Ah. Well, good luck in your search! I've got a 2004 ZHP convertible and I post on the forum (mostly OT) quite a bit.
Sure. Apparently it increases the value of the car by about 300 percent.
I'd be very curious to see what the actual (closed) sales prices are for ZHPs, as opposed to the asking prices.GF: are you on E46F?
I cited to it because it got to the point that bothered me, instead of the NYT review that goes with "dark side of Atticus" in its title. The NYT review is linked in the Gawker post.I agree that a lot of what Gawker posts is garbage, but this time I thought it was acceptable.
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