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This morning I happened to see a 458 in white (the first one I've ever seen). It didn't do much for me, especially looking at it head-on (from across the intersection). It just didn't seem to have a lot of presence in white. I have several clients who have Teslas now. They all love them and say they're are great to drive. I'm not sure what constitutes "great to drive" for them, however.
I finished Anathem; now on to Cryptonomicon. I'm about 150 pages in so far.
Last night my wife and I bought her a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Sahara). We traded in her 10-year-old Tahoe for it. She loves the smaller size and maneuverability. It's a fun car to drive.
I really enjoyed the first few episodes, but have fallen behind since I've been super busy. But I love the whole awkward deadpan feel of the show.
I have a Katadyn filter that I use when I go backpacking. It works fine, is easy to disassemble and clean, and doesn't weigh a lot. So far I have no complaints.
That was hilarious.
I just started Anathem this afternoon. I'm about 30 pages in. I like it so far. I may dive into Cryptonomicon after that.I was hoping to download and read The Quiet American but it turns out that B&N doesn't offer it for the Nook. I wonder if it's Kindle-only, or maybe not available as an e-book at all. I may have to actually buy a paper copy.
I just read Snow Crash. I enjoyed it very much. I followed that up with In Pharaoh's Army by Tobias Wolff. I liked it, but I read Tree of Smoke a couple of weeks ago and so I'm getting a little Vietnam War'd out.
I've never been able to bring myself to watch Howard the Duck, even though it seems like it's on pretty frequently on basic cable. My guilty pleasure movies are those horrible SyFy Original movies, the ones with wyverns and yetis and sharktopus and all those other shows. They are so deliciously horrible that I can't turn away. I'm also old enough to remember when the crappy special effects in these movies would have been better than anything at the cineplex.
New Posts  All Forums: