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I went and saw it last night. I echo a lot of the comments already said here. Visually it was amazing. The story line had a bunch of head-scratching moments.
I guess I should have added a sarcastic smilie.
Because it's all been proven to be totally false? Or, at best, only tangentially related to actual events?
That's right!Game of Thrones: Where there are No Consequences for Bad Decisions (TM).
I've seen this on a couple of other forums (fora?) and it seemed like that was the biggest surprise for most people (including me). I can't imagine driving in that position, especially at those speeds for that length of time.
I liked a few of her songs until I heard them every 15 minutes on the radio. Now even my daughter (who was a big fan) tells me to change the station if an Adele song comes on in the car.
I just downloaded this onto my Nook this weekend. I'm about 100 pages in so far.
I have read all the books. That's why I was asking. I didn't remember that scene and it seemed out of order to me. But I went back and re-read a couple of wiki posts and it looks like it happens. I hadn't thought of it as happening on that scale, however.
What was up with that final scene? I don't remember that from the book (not that my memory's perfect...).
I want my five clicks back.
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