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Maybe that's my problem. I don't actually post in any of the style threads on StyleForum. Maybe I should try that.
If you click on the green ribbon-looking things in your profile next to your posts, it will show your Reputation score. Your score goes up the more thumbs up you get (and give, apparently).
My weekend is ruined. I should have posted this in the hibbley-jibbley thread.
Wondering how high my reputation score has to get before I become an exalted forum legend. I just cracked 2000 but I'm still a lowly expert.
Cross-posting from the other thread--my dog will probably be able to hang with GF in the T-level category despite having his testicles entirely removed. I'm not going to pay to have his T-levels checked, however.
GF is in confrontational mode this morning because of his elevated T-levels. Feelin' his oats, so to speak.
We took our six-month-old male dog to the vet yesterday and had him reduced to the condition of neuter. Surprisingly, he's more energetic and hyper today than normal, even though my wife gave him a sedative/painkiller she got from the vet.
There's nothing women like better than being called out and lectured on FB for their passive-aggressive posts.
Of course. They're on FB.
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