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I don't know any French Canadian people so this whole discussion is gibberish to me. Carry on.
Interesting! I had thought it was more of a community decision--like he was one of many engineers who had been chosen to basically seed a planet. They showed him looking up at the departing ship just before he drank the goo. It made me think that they had all bid him farewell and now he was left to do his duty. But your explanation seems totally plausible as well.
It made sense to me. He seemed to be doing it as a ritual. Everything seemed very deliberate.
I went and saw it last night. I echo a lot of the comments already said here. Visually it was amazing. The story line had a bunch of head-scratching moments.
I guess I should have added a sarcastic smilie.
Because it's all been proven to be totally false? Or, at best, only tangentially related to actual events?
That's right!Game of Thrones: Where there are No Consequences for Bad Decisions (TM).
I've seen this on a couple of other forums (fora?) and it seemed like that was the biggest surprise for most people (including me). I can't imagine driving in that position, especially at those speeds for that length of time.
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