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He didn't say "heir," though. He said "firstborn," which isn't necessarily the same thing, especially if Ramsey started off as a bastard. I got the feeling he was starting to yank the rug out from under Ramsey with that jab.
Was there a particular casting decision that you found poorly executed, or was it more in the aggregate? I don't recall seeing any characters where I thought the actor was a particularly poor choice.
I guess I'm not getting what's so objectionable about the casting in the new Star Wars movies.
Needs a .com. Or, more likely, .biz.
Couldn't you just go to McDonalds? Lots of people say their fries are the best. Of course, then you'd be eating at McDonalds, I guess.
I didn't know that. That sounds like a tremendous waste of time.
All joaks aside: how did you cut up your hand? Hopefully it's not too serious.
Under the metric system it is.
I saw one of these on the road the other day but didn't know what it was. How do you like it so far?
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