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While my wife was up getting dressed in her closet with the door closed (for maybe a minute, tops), our dumb dog decided that it would be a good time to go in our bathroom, take my glasses off the counter, and chew them into oblivion. This is despite having numerous chew toys available to him throughout the house. My interest in being a dog owner has now dropped to zero.
This calls for a meetup/nife sirkle!
I have never tried three-gun. I bought an AR this year, but it's very basic and I plan to keep it that way. I am a decent shot with a handgun but nothing that would make me competitive in three-gun. My favorite shotgun is a Franchi over/under, so not exactly suited for three-gun anyway.Maybe one of these days I will give it a try, though. It does look like a lot of fun.
It's a lot of fun, and one nice thing about it is that it's probably the most social form of shooting. It's enjoyable to watch other people shoot and it's nice to work the thrower while someone else is shooting. If you're just shooting at clays flying straight away, almost anyone can hit at least a few--enough to still have a good time.
I've always believed that most shooters are either good at clays (moving targets) or stationary targets (rifle, handgun). The two skill sets are really quite different, I think---one requires the ability to be totally still and precise, while the other requires the ability to track and move but not necessarily to be that precise. I happen to be quite a bit better with a shotgun than a rifle (not that I'm anything special with either). That's my half-baked theory. I'm not...
One of the best things to happen in the last year is that my son (he's 14) is finally starting to want to go shooting without being asked. He is finally starting to suggest that we go. He has also become quite good at blasting clays out of the sky, which is super-gratifying for his dad. So anyway: the next time you're down in the Sacramento area, hit me up and we'll go shoot some clays.
Snagged the last two cases of clay pigeons at Dick's Sporting Goods tonight, thus salvaging our shooting excursion tomorrow morning.
You can also use them to draw incredibly lifelike pencil sketches of beautiful women in cafes as you sit in the corner. After making the sketch, you can rip the page out (mostly ruining the notebook, btw) and give it to her as a gift as you silently glide out the door. She will find this incredibly charming and not at all creepy or stalkerish.
You're supposed to write poetry/songs/awesome business ideas/patentable invention sketches in them. Obviously if you're not developing those kinds of things on the regular (i.e. are a talentless loser) then of course a small, easily-lost notebook wouldn't be for you.
I carried a Leek for many years until I replaced it with a Benchmade 530, which I really like. The Leek was awesome but the 530 weighs practically nothing and seems very well built.
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