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Thanks! I will check it out.I have read Lear several times before (like pretty much all of Shakespeare's major works) but it has been a few years since I've revisited any of them. I tend to read the plays and see little movies of the action in my head, but sometimes I just get caught up in the language and forget about that part. Either way: good times.
I wonder what the tipping point is where you can't call oatmeal a "healthy breakfast" anymore.My guess is it's about halfway to where GF was with his latest bowl.
Was hoping to laugh. [[SPOILER]]
I feel like you are trying to besmirch my repultation by suggesting that I am in alliance with PayDay pretty obvious ad homilnem attack. However, I think we can all recognize that a flat PayDay bar is structurally superior in that it is more shaped like a person mouth than a round PayDay unless you are an inflatable sex doll. A real person has a mouth that is more shaped like C3PO's mouth, so a flat bar is more appropriate.
Perhaps it was stepped on by the guy at the loading dock before being put on the shelf.
Sorry to hear it.
A couple of nights ago I woke up and it was still dark. I thought, "oh, great, now I can roll back over and sleep for another hour or so." I looked over at the clock and it was like 11:00 PM. I eventually fell asleep, though.
I started reading King Lear this weekend. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm going to take it slowly so I can enjoy the language and read all the little notes as I go.
But the kid looks just like me!
I haven't experienced significant shrinking. I've got like 10 pairs of Advantage chinos.
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