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I just picked up datZHP (The Vader) from the shop this morning. I had a couple of worn steering components and a strut mount replaced (along with some maintenance things like a bad fog light and an oil pan gasket). I'm amazed at what a difference the repairs make in the handling of the car. Shiz is tight, yo. My day is packed but I will have to find some spare minutes to take a spin up into the Sierra Foothills soon.
This. Just tell them they can take the exam at its normally scheduled time next semester when they retake the class after getting an F this semester.
I think it mostly comes from the idea that they have discovered the secret to untold wealth. Usually it somehow stems from the idea of "passive income," not realizing that passive income is generated by some substantial block of already-owned wealth of some kind. They usually don't have much of a plan for how to accumulate that wealth so they can start generating passive income.
I particularly enjoy it when a youngster (18-19 or so) discovers that the riches of the world are there for those who have the guts to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! or other such stuff. Usually this discovery comes after they attend a MLM seminar. It's fun when they clog up my FB feed with inspirational posters and tough-guy platitudes or disdain the idea of working for someone else. It makes me chuckle in my rueful, old-man way.
Wait, did something happen to Bruce Wayne's parents? I figured they just lived in a condo in Florida or something.
We should probably have you come talk to our local Chamber of Commerce.
My daughter just got called to serve an LDS mission in Tokyo, Japan.
Today, on the way to the office, I pulled up at a light behind an old Integra with a shiny fartcan exhaust. The first thing I noticed was that I could smell the guy's exhaust, which smelled mostly of gasoline. The second was that his acceleration seemed awfully anemic for the noise the car produced. I had to chuckle at the thought that his "mods" had probably reduced both the power of the engine and the gas mileage of the car. But at least he sounded terrible.
I will have to check this out. I'm always on the lookout for an entertaining book that teaches me something about professions I don't know much about.
I finally finished American Elsewhere last week. It started off great with a lot of mystery about what was going on, but by the end it sort of devolved into a typical "bodysnatchers" trope with a mildly-satisfying ending.I just started Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. So far it's pretty interesting, but hardly deep reading.
New Posts  All Forums: