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We finally got caught up on this show last night. We have really enjoyed it so far. It's very thought-provoking--sort of makes me feel bad about all the people I killed in Skyrim.
In MN? Can't help there. Sorry.
I hope things start looking up for you, Ed. Best wishes to your family.
No worries. I guess the only place you can get actual liquor (outside of a bar) is at the state-run liquor stores, which (from what I've heard) have weird hours and are closed on Sundays. So if you are hoping to just swing by and pick up a bottle of scotch or whatever, you might be out of luck.
I remember seeing this when it came out. I had read and loved the books and was super excited to see the movie.None of my friends had any idea what was going on. They hadn't read the books and found the movie a confusing mess. It was a confusing mess, but at least I had some idea of what was supposed to be happening.
It would actually be pretty cool if no lightsabers made an appearance in the movie. Vader shouldn't have to draw his lightsaber anytime he's dealing with non-Jedi.
It seemed like back in the day they used to be very matter-of-fact when a major character died. I'm not watching the show anymore but from what I can tell by reading online it seems like they are making everyone angry with their stalling.
Only like 40 percent of the people in SLC are Mormon.
And, ironically, you can put just about anyone into the Vader suit and have him do a passable job.
Both my parents grew up there and then moved away when my dad graduated from law school, living in CA and NY and NJ during the time I was growing up. We moved back just as I finished high school when my dad took an early retirement. I like Utah but I prefer where I live now. I like not having to drive in the snow if I don't feel like it.
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