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It's like reading a Bret Easton Ellis novel.
I sometimes wonder whether anyone has ever stolen L'Inc's online persona and taken it to another forum (like a forum dedicated to Chevy trucks, for example) and adopted it as his own, with all the members of the other forum thinking he's so original and entertaining.I post this because it has occurred to me more than once to do just that. I have not done so, however.
Awesome. Congrats on filling your tag and enjoy the full freezer!
Thanks! He's not a character I've ever read about.
Hm. I'm not immediately familiar with the guy in the middle (with the Transformer face on his crotch).
If he can do it in the right situation, I will be more than happy to take my medicine.
I actually dropped "coffee's for closers" on my son on Friday. He was grousing about having to go to crew practice (on a Friday, in the cold and pouring rain) and I finally had to explain to him that if he didn't show up 100 percent of the time he would get dropped to a lower level boat--not because he wasn't talented or strong, but because in any team sport it's all about showing up and bringing the results.I look forward to annoying him throughout the rest of his life by...
Did you scare it to death? Or is it one of those new bloodless deer?
I routinely drive an extra level in a parking garage just so I can park away from everyone else, if possible. The extra walk is just a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.My wife thinks this is dumb behavior and emotionally abuses me for doing it.
I don't think I've ever seen one anywhere other than outside a maternity/baby-themed store.
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