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We almost always wind up going to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving (mostly because we almost always travel for Thanksgiving). This year we're staying home but we still decided to go to a nice local restaurant.
Arrival was great. I really enjoyed it.
I almost got killed today because I made a right turn in front of a truck that was going a lot faster than I realized. I am glad that I did not get t-boned and die due to my own stupidity.
It was a client I had to fire. I can't really say anything more than that.
Literally the last thing anyone said to me today at the office (by telephone): "Fuck you, dude!" (before hanging up on me).
I misread that at first and thought "that's pretty good!"
I've seen a bunch of local kids rockin' that look. It looks pretty cute on them as long as they are cute kids to begin with.
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