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I wonder whatever happened to OP. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
I'm still terribly disappointed that it's not really an island.
I actually watched it when it was broadcast back in 1978. It was bad.You can watch it on YouTube now. This year I looked it up and forced my kids to watch some of it. It was so cringeworthy that we could only stand a few minutes.
I just noticed that my reputation status has been upgraded to "Pillar of the community," thus providing me with the validation I crave so desperately.
Here's a quick explainer:http://factually.gizmodo.com/powerball-math-1-3-billion-divided-by-300-million-is-1752269297
I'm definitely hoping that doesn't happen.
That has shown up and disappeared from my FB feed at least half a dozen times today. Someone will post it (sometimes with a long diatribe of his/her own), someone else will point out the math error, and the OP will immediately delete his or her post. Comedy.
Isn't part of the point of the Han Solo character that he was kind of an a-hole prior to the events in ANH? Do we really need a movie about him flying around and being a space douche with Chewbacca?
Maybe he could ride around perched on BB8's little head.
Maybe they'll pull a Game of Thrones and have Finn be completely disabled/die.
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