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She's Having a Baby St. Elmo's Fire
Ugh. This has been my experience as well. About a year ago my wife bought some CFL bulbs that we put into the outdoor sconces that light up the front yard/driveway. They were super bright and did a much better job of illuminating the space. I loved them, but my wife thought they looked too cold and white. We jokingly referred to them as the "moonbase lights."This year, after taking down the outdoor Christmas decorations, my wife put in regular, boring incandescent lights...
This one is called the Leek. I think that all the knives in that series have onion-themed names (being designed by Ken Onion). There's also a Chive and a Scallion, IIRC.
I carry one of these every day. It's a nice, light knife and it stays sharp.
I saw a link to it about a week ago. I blew an entire evening clicking through pictures of all kinds of things.
It took me a while to cave in and move to the e-reader world, but once I did I quickly became addicted. I grew up, like you, in a house full of books, and I love the feel of them. My own house has lots of books that I've accumulated over the years.However, in this day and age where (around here) the closest bookstore is 30 minutes away (and there are no independent bookstores to speak of any closer), having an e-reader is the most effective way for me to feed my steady...
No one on StyleForum would deign to take a measly $500K/year job.
This. A substantial part of our practice is re-drafting crap documents people buy from LegalZoom.
It doesn't look like you'd be buying the whole thing--only a majority share.
Thanks! The carbs are actually Dell'ortos. I'm getting ready to swap them out for a Weber 38/38 downdraft--they're just too finicky for a daily-driven street car (that has to be maintained by me).The color is Anthracite Gray, which was a one-year color (1975). I'm planning to go with more of a Steel Gray or something with a little more silver-blue in it.The last picture shows the bumpers I have now. I was able to retro-fit the earlier chrome bumpers instead of the...
New Posts  All Forums: