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That sounds pretty promising. Good luck!
I'm 6'2" and I find that if I get below about 185 people start asking me if I'm unwell. A few years back I got down to about 178 and a few people asked my wife if I had cancer and wasn't telling anyone.
I dropped three pounds today just by not stuffing my face with cake and ice cream. My body seems happy to get rid of the fat it accumulated over the weekend. I hope to be back to my normalish 190 by mid-next week.
I envision most of SF looking like Jojen Reed: Except not as muscular.
Had a visitor at the office today.
Ah, my bad. I thought his contract ended at the end of this season. I don't actually watch football so I was just going off of what I had read somewhere.
My understanding is that they could cut him at any time, but they'd still have to pay the remainder of his contract.
We've had a couple of weeks full of birthday get-togethers, so I'm working off a few extra lbs. as well.
Just watch, doe: one of the kids will have a sudden growth spurt and tower over the rest of his buddies.
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