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My wife and are debating whether there has ever been another episode where more big plot events happened.
I started The Shipping News by Annie Proulx last night. I'm about 30 pages in so far.
Finished The Circle this week while I was at scout camp. I got home this morning and read Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. It's pretty short so I polished it off in about an hour or so.
I always assume that there is some sort of spyware that gets downloaded to your machine when you click on/respond to something like this.
Not just a business--a future. Keep chasing that dream!
I forgot to mention that I picked up a S&W Shield 9 a few weeks ago. I've been out to shoot it a couple of times and it appears to be breaking in nicely. The trigger seems a little gritty but it's a lot better after some use than it was right out of the box.
I'm sort of paranoid about my hearing now. I always wear hearing (and eye) protection anytime I shoot or am anywhere near a range.
Yup. I always felt bad for Monica.
Wanting it to be true is just as good as it actually being true.
It would be delicious if the last of her children to die was by her act, and then the valonquar (sp?) who strangles her is actually Jaime.
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