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This is not a viewpoint I would have expected from you.
Nah. I have love for all. I wish everyone could enjoy our fantastic weather, wherever they were.When I lived in NJ as a kid I liked the ice storms, and when I lived in Utah I enjoyed the Greatest Snow on Earth(TM). But now that I have times where I need to show up for things regardless of weather, I'm glad that I don't have to drive in snow unless I want to.
Why would I do that? Winter here dips into the low 40s with an occasional freezing morning. If I want actual snow I head for Tahoe about an an hour and a half away.
It's like Cheerwine except you smoke it or something.
I posted this same sentiment on my Facebook page a few days ago. It was well received by my many followers.
Definitely. You've gotta let that shiz go, yo.
Okay. I read it. Not much to say about that other than I can perhaps use it as a touchstone reference anytime I wonder why so many people my age seem to be such self-absorbed a-holes.
I feel kind of bad that I can't actually remember what that drug was.
You could have answered from a lying standpoint and told her that you were born with dat tattoo already on your carcass.
Maybe he actually had a stroke when your words hit his tympanic membranes, if you know what I mean.
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