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This is so true. I bought a Gretsch Electromatic a few years ago and said, for sure, it would be the last guitar I bought. But then my son started playing and we bought him an acoustic and now everytime we go to Guitar Center I find myself drawn towards the Telecasters. Hm.
Ah, okay. That makes sense.
I dig it, but it kind of bugs me that the wavy finish on the front is not carried onto the back of the guitar.
I've had my eye on the Mini 14 as well--it seems like a good middle ground between the ARs (same caliber) and the M1A platform (same sort of configuration).I live in California, and I'm not really interested in getting grilled about whether or not my black rifle is CA-compliant anytime I take it to the range. So the less-evil-looking options seem appealing to me.
I'm sort of freaked out by his scabby fingers and nails bitten down to the quick on his ET-like hands. Definitely the hallmarks of a guy who imbibes a lot of crystal methamphetamine.
Thoughts on the Springfield Socom 16? Especially in comparison to a similarly-priced AR.
We had some friends in Utah that used to pour honey all over pumpkin pie. It was pretty tasty, actually, but it's pretty hard to go wrong with pouring honey on something.
Pecan pie is one of those rare foods where even if it's not that well-made it's still pretty awesome. I've never had a bad pecan pie.
That sounds like a winner to me.
I'm just stopping by to enjoy the use of the term "hambeast."
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