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I happened to read an interview with her on the NYT website a couple of days ago and she did seem a little pretentious to me, but perhaps I'm just too much of a rube to appreciate her obscure literary tastes. But I like TSN so far.
I appreciated that the wildfire caused a huge explosion that blew everyone to pieces instead of just burning them alive (like the Dothraki bloodriders with Dany). It was much more satisfying to see them engulfed and annihilated.
I hadn't seen a connection between skinchanging and bonding with dragons. Dany hasn't appeared to do any sort of warging/skinchanging when she has interacted with her dragons.
I always cringe when I see people post garbage like this with the preamble "Well, it can't hurt!"It does hurt. It hurts my perception of that person's intelligence and common sense.
Does a girl have a beef with Melisandre?
It did seem kind of odd that she went for the Freys instead of him. I would have thought that he'd be a relatively easy target (maybe poison?) under the circumstances. Maybe not. The Freys seem sort of bumbling so knocking them off would have been easy anytime.
At least he'll have a matched regicide record, then.EDIT: I wasn't sure--were we supposed to understand that he walked in just as this whole thing was going down in the throne room, and so he had to piece things together on his own? It seemed pretty clear that he hadn't spoken to Cersei yet.
As soon as he walked out of the frame I said "he's going to jump." Sure enough, I was right.I guess it was no surprise. We knew that he had to die to fulfill Maggy's prophecy, but I think it needed to be in a way where Cersei didn't directly cause his death.
My wife and are debating whether there has ever been another episode where more big plot events happened.
I started The Shipping News by Annie Proulx last night. I'm about 30 pages in so far.
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