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Sorry to see it, Ed. Best wishes to you and I hope things look up for your folks.
They definitely should have gone with American Society of Sanitary Engineering Services.
Sorry to hear it and I hope he pulls through okay. But if it's his time, I hope you can help make it a peaceful transition for him.
Dang. I'm glad you're okay. A good friend of mine wrecked on his bike this summer (after his forks both snapped--what?!?!) and he has had a long, slow recovery. Another good friend just wrecked on his mountain bike on Thursday. He broke his femur right below the hip joint. He's got some new hardware and will be recovering at home for the next few weeks.
Even the workers not in character costume have it rough. Mid-August and 95 degrees out? Here, wear a frock coat with a vest underneath. Yup.
Sorry to hear about the job, man. I know you had high hopes for it. I'm glad you have a good sense of perspective on it, and if I helped with that a bit, I'm glad for that too.
Thanks a lot, everyone.
Quick update: my dad passed away peacefully this morning. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated.
I'm curious: what makes this suit more "tactical" than his regular suit, which is already supposed to be designed for all the fighty stuff Batman normally does?
Thanks, guys. It's not unexpected but still a bummer. I'm just hoping he can go peacefully.
New Posts  All Forums: