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Throw it in the trough!
Definitely playing against type--it's risky, cutting-edge casting.
I'm hoping for myrrh.
It's an easy response to the complaints (also leveled against GOT) that they show plenty of full-frontal female nudity but hardly any male FFN. The ladies who watch the show like them cheap thrillz too, naw'mean?
It is nice to be able to shave in just a few quick passes with the razor. I shave in the shower and don't even have to use a mirror.If I had started in 1972 and hadn't shaved anytime since I still wouldn't have a beard like that.
I have been asked to participate in our church's live nativity program. It is held at the local temple. Last year we had more than 8000 people attend over three days. I have been asked to act as a wise man. I have no problem with that and I'm glad they asked me. The hibbley-jibbley part is that they have asked me to grow a beard so I can look the part. Even at 47 years old, I am pretty much incapable of growing a full beard. Past efforts have resulted in the "teenage meth...
In another three years when I hit my third-of-life crisis I hope I am able to bear up with grace and dignity.
A recruiter who didn't keep his promise? Impossible!
Looks like it was also written by Richard Matheson, author of I am Legend.
The prequel trilogy certainly re-cast some of his actions in the original trilogy ("Wait--he knew this all along?"). And then his drama-queen "shutting himself down after Luke disappeared" act in TFA? Unacceptable.
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