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Only like 40 percent of the people in SLC are Mormon.
And, ironically, you can put just about anyone into the Vader suit and have him do a passable job.
Both my parents grew up there and then moved away when my dad graduated from law school, living in CA and NY and NJ during the time I was growing up. We moved back just as I finished high school when my dad took an early retirement. I like Utah but I prefer where I live now. I like not having to drive in the snow if I don't feel like it.
LOL I lived in SLC for a few years (actually went to the University of Utah for undergrad). Park City was pretty awesome.
He could have poured out half his beer and added a cup of tap water and saved himself a trip.
What are you doing in SLC?
I was surprised at how much I wound up thinking of it after the fact. I almost want to go back and re-watch it to see what I missed the first time.
In keeping with my habit of watching shows weeks/months after everyone else does, my wife and I watched the first episode of Westworld last night. It was interesting and thought-provoking in ways I didn't expect. It made me reconsider all those hours I spent playing Skyrim a few years back.
Sorry to hear it. Best wishes to you and your family.
Or like when someone has twins who just turned one and he posts a cute picture of those twins on this forum. Who does that guy think he is? I already vomited three times this morning because of it.
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