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There may very well have been an umlaut as well.
A young fellow of whom I am acquaintances with has a shirt that sports the logo "weksos" with a line over the E. It put me into an attitude of face palmistry.
What about its opposite cousin, "weaksauce"?
I became a Farmer's Agent like three times last week. Each time was a disappointment.
I had one two-hour appointment scheduled for this afternoon. The client just called to reschedule. Now my Friday afternoon is delightfully free. I may just close up shop and head out early.
The poster Condorman almost, almost looks like Al Pacino.
Okay then. I hope I don't hate any of them.
I guess I had missed this in the (limited) stuff I've read about the movie. Is Kylo Ren confirmed for three movies?
The nice(?) thing about a Wrangler is that it's basically a metal box on wheels. We owned a 1993 YJ and now this 2013, both of which have been very reliable. We put about 170K miles on the old Jeep before we got rid of it. The current Jeep has about 40K and hasn't had any problems other than needing a new battery a few weeks ago.Anyway: I know that two examples aren't very useful except as anecdotes. But there they are.
Check out: http://www.wranglerforum.com/
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