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It bugs me when people sign off with "Best" without any other words around it.Best,VaderDave
Nah. He felt moderate remorse. That should be enough.I did appreciate how he talked about the story like it was something that just existed as a separate entity from himself: "I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story" as if he was merely running with a story he had learned, instead of fabricating the story entirely by himself and then chasing it like a rabid dog.Mistakes were made.Stories turned out to be somewhat less than true.Moderate...
Nothing worse than some power-tripping bureaucrat standing in the way of real progress.
I remember reading one time that in a lot of fights between people in full armor one fighter would gain the upper hand and dump the other guy on the ground, then get on top of him and put a pointy dagger to his throat or armpit or other exposed spot, and either kill him or get him to yield.
Yeah, armor (and especially shields) would prolong things a bit, I suppose.
This is a good point. Think about the average match in fencing. Every point scored would basically be a kill or a serious injury. Most points last a second or two. It's the same in kendo. Most of the moves simulate someone losing a hand or taking a hit to the forehead or across the midsection. If it were a real fight with real swords it would all be over in an instant.
I read this too fast and assumed you were talking about L'Inc. The rest of the post didn't really make any sense after that.
All good points. I will be curious to see whether Luke says anything about how he feels about Vader and his legacy in the upcoming movies. From what I read of the new book that's coming out, the big revelation that Vader was Leia's father (between ROTJ and TFA) effectively torpedoed her political career (at least for a while).
Oh yeah: I forgot about the whole "Palpatine just threw Vader under the bus" part. It's true. It certainly makes for a more interesting movie than a character who undertakes years/decades of penance.That would be boring AF.
I sometimes wish that more people would pay attention, actually. There's nothing like sitting in a theater watching Batman v. Superman with a bunch of sobbing little kids because mom and dad thought that it would be fine to take them to a "comic book" movie. I still remember the mass exodus from the theater during the first five minutes of Lord of the Rings--screaming kids and upset parents who apparently hadn't done even the most basic research into the movie.
New Posts  All Forums: