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We have a couple who have been close friends of ours for many years. Over the last year or so their marriage has started to fall apart, although they have periods where it looks like they are reconciling and post a lot of happy/lovey photos on Facebook. They have begun to withdraw from our circle of friends and are becoming more and more resistant to our overtures of friendship (invitations to go places, etc.). Maybe I just live in a Pollyannaish bubble, but I've never...
Almost as much as the average Snickers bar.
I guess it wouldn't take a lot of damage to each uniform to render them unusable at the professional level. Maybe a box cutter across the front or just a pair of shears to remove a sleeve or something.
How did he get his hands on the team uniforms? Did they come in a cardboard box like some Little League franchise? Were they left on the White Sox's equipment guy's doorstep?
I never actually have, but it looks like I could pick it up pretty quickly.
No, it was some new guy. Hard to believe that the Army might have had two guys who could play guitar. Definitely not during the same period, of course.
Probably just extra Ratata pokemon. Catch 'em all and turn 'em over to the Professor!
At least three of my FB friends have now re-shared a video of a guy in Army fatigues playing a guitar, with all kinds of hyperbolic commentary about how I will be amazed at his talent, as if it should be a shock to me that someone in the Army might be capable of playing a guitar.
I wonder if the new Arthur movie will be able to outdo Excalibur when it comes to gore and breastesses. Doubtful.
Totally agree.
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