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Don't let them oppress you!
You sound like you'll be a quality addition to the political landscape of the United States.
The worst part was the epilogue he wrote years later to let everyone know that his son had been murdered outside of a Buddhist temple in Oakland or Berkeley or somewhere, after growing up to be a Much Better Person than You Will Ever Be. Even as a kid I rolled my eyes at that part.
Started this yesterday. It's pretty interesting so far. I had read about it on a sci-fi blog (probably io9) and thought I'd give it a whirl.
Wondering how you feel about Jill Stein's efforts to recruit you into her campaign, perhaps as her running mate.
Fortunately he didn't actually purchase anything. He just took a few hits off someone else's stash. So no moneys were swindled from him.
Yes! I'm sure as well.
TaterDan's pretty cool.
Yep. I was mostly free associating and then posting in a feeble effort at pink solidarity with L'Inc.
A friend of mine (let's call him TaterDan) tried pot a couple of times in the '80s when he was a teenager. Both times all he wound up with was a scratchy throat and no feelings of dat potiful high. Now he wonders whether he was mostly just smoking oregano and landscaping bark shreddings.
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