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Maybe the kind of internet lawyer who claims to pull in $250K as a second year? That's almost* as good!*not actually anywhere near
Pretty cool. Are you right at 175 or a bit under?
I'm assuming you mean boxing. Does anyone call MMA fights "bouts"?
Right now on (, your colleague is lamenting how his co-worker got a bunch of projects dumped on him and is plotting his revenge.
I remember reading about this in Rolling Stone and then going to see it just as I graduated from high school. I couldn't get anyone else to go with me. What a sobering movie. It was definitely an eye-opener for a suburban kid like me.
Ahahahahh! I didn't know that. I think I watched that a bunch of years ago but hadn't made the connection. Excellent.
Probably the worst thing for me now is that every time I see Darth Vader on screen I think to myself "yeah, that's Hayden Christensen in there."
I guess I just thought that... maybe you'd be happy for me.
I sort of checked out for a few years after originally joining, and then I didn't actually know what the whole rep system was about until sometime last year. So I was a little slow on the uptake.
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