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But not too latent. You don't want to have to try too hard.
It gets funnier the more times you watch it (the faceplant--just skip the rest).
Pssh. Can't even tell the difference between a BMW and a Maybach. Swipe left.
My wife had LASIK done about 12 years ago. She loved it and the results were awesome, but then life went on and her eyes continued to change. She now has a pair of very low power glasses that she will use when she watches TV or movies. She can still do everything else just fine. I have had contacts for 35 years now, so I guess I don't even think twice about wearing them or poking my own eye or anything else. I think I just happen to have eyes that are good for contacts...
I hate those commercials so this video made me LOL.
I've got two new pairs of glasses on order (after our dumb dog ate my last pair). I'm looking forward to getting them, hopefully early next week(?). For now, it's contacts for me, all day every day.
I ordered a Google Pixel phone, which arrived today. Setup was super easy and so far I think I'm going to like the phone a lot.
I loves me some fry sauce. Unfortunately, Training Table went under last fall, which was a tragedy. They closed suddenly due to a family squabble. Luckily, there are other places that can provide delicious fry sauce (including, of course, your own kitchen if you have some BBQ sauce and mayo).I will relay that feedback to them. I am sure they will make sweeping changes.
Within our main circle of friends (all couples) we almost always split evenly, with the idea that nobody's going to take advantage and nobody wants to make an issue of a few bucks here or there. There have also been numerous times (depending on the size of the group) where one of us would just grab the entire check (knowing that someone else will pick it up at a future dinner). So far it has worked really well for a lot of years. There were a few years where we had friends...
This is the kind of thing that can come back to wreck a promotion if you're talking about a direct report. "You really want to know why I passed you over for this position?"
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