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Dat determination letter: good as gold!
I'm digging the Dave Brubeck (Holiday) channel on Pandora. It's good background for working at the office.
Even though everyone else has moved on, I feel the need to register my support for owning a convertible, at least if you live where I live (California, Sierra foothills).
It's all good until you're the guy who gets the smallest slice of dat pie.
Got a two-fer this weekend: yesterday I went up to some federal land in the Sierra foothills to shoot shotguns and a bunch of other things with several friends. I brought my electric clay pigeon thrower and we blasted a couple of crates of clays. My son, in particular, was on fire yesterday and could not miss after a few warm-up shots. It was a cold, clear morning and we had a great time. We had shotguns, lots of handguns, and a couple of rifles. It rained all day today...
Christmas decorations are coming out of the crates and going up all over the house. Excellent.
I've had a few too-salty hams over the years, and I agree that they are no good.
Yep. Just a joke. No harm intended. EDIT: in reference to double00.
double00 is George Allen?At least now we know how he spends his time since losing re-election to the Senate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaca_(term)
I love honey ham. We just ordered one for a Christmas party we're having next Saturday.
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