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This made me cackle with delight.
It seems to be a common practice now among horse people to call horses "boys" and "girls" like they are children instead of...y'know...horses.
Garbage in, garbage out. A lot of times a reporter will start calling around and that's the best response they'll get--people will just shrug and say "I guess she was upset about something."
It was kind of a shock when I got a little bit older to discover that the world is full of "adults" in their 50s and 60s who still don't have any more common sense or maturity/responsibility than the average 13 year old.
That's why I post on this forum. So far nobody has offered me a job yet, but to be fair I have practically no marketable skills and a horrible personality.
Dang. Like sharks on a bloated whale carcass.
The two terms that come to mind when I think "Decatur" are "OG kush" and "kief," definitely.
So they say. I don't count myself among the chili elite so I don't think I can comment with any level of authority.
I recently read that the popular new thing in the chilisphere is Decatur-style chili, in which the chilimaker includes a heaping spoonful of quality peanut butter in the chilimaking process. Apparently it's recognized among chili cognoscenti as blowing Cincinnati-style chili out of the dang water.
Our local Walmarts have groceries as well. I wonder if that's a regional thing. I don't ever shop there, but only because they're not close to my house. I've stopped into both of them before and they are clean and well-stocked. The people seem like regular community people.
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