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Oh, okay. I'm glad for the clarification.
I guess if it was for laughs. I love to lie to children, but I only lie about things that are ridiculous. For example: for many years I had several of my kids' friends convinced that my wife was a retired MMA fighter.I kind of got the impression that his grandfather was more of a pathological liar than a jokester, though. Maybe I was reading the situation wrong.
Keeping my fingers crossed!EDIT: he also has an older sister, but she's on an LDS mission so she's hardly the drain on our finances she was when she was at college. Only 16 months left!
Ah, okay. Very different situation, then.
Thanks, man. I appreciate it.That would be awkward AF and I can't help but feel a bit of heeby-jeebies about her carrying her dad's ashes around with her to social engagements.
I find this fascinating, especially since it's so easy to find out exactly who all those guys were:http://www.iwojima.com/raising/raisingc.htmWhy make a claim like that if it's so easily disproven and (once disproven) makes you look like a jerk and a fraud?
We're headed out to Utah tomorrow for my dad's funeral. So tonight my wife just dropped the dog off at the boarding place and then we're dropping our 14-year-old son off at a pool party. So we're going to go out to dinner before coming home to pack and get ready to leave. I am sure that at some point during a nice dinner alone with my wife I will think briefly to myself how wonderful it would be not to have 1) a dog and 2) a 14-year-old son to be responsible for. Then...
I wonder how many times that dude faceplanted and busted his nose/lip/eyesocket before he got so he could hold that pose for more than half a second.
I think you're probably right.We lived in Folsom for a few years, but now we reside in El Dorado Hills. I'm sure our family saw a significant decline once we made the five-mile trek up the hill. Actually, they're pretty much the same. We really like it here and agree that it's a good place to raise a family.
I showed that post to my son and then we laughed for like five minutes. I'm not sure why we thought it was so funny now.
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