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Hey--me too!
I'm not sure anyone noticed my last posts about my 1975 BMW 2002, but I finally got it back today from the interior shop, which installed the carpet and a new headliner. The car is just about finished, other than some very minor details.
I have a Remington 700 in 30-06 as well. It's the hardest-kicking centerfire rifle I've ever shot (and I've shot a few 7mm Magnums, etc.). I'm not sure why, but even a few shots from that rifle leave my shoulder aching. I can shoot a 12 gauge shotgun all day long, but not my 30-06.
It's a relatively new foundation set up by our municipality to allow residents to make donations for parks-and-rec type projects. Since it's just getting started (as I thought my earlier posts made clear), we're still very hands-on. I expect, however, given that we're a relatively small town (about 45K people), that we'll probably always be involved in the day-to-day stuff.
Here's my super-exciting update: We had our second meeting this week. We spent some time talking about event goals and reviewing logo designs. We then made some assignments for committees and reviewed the bylaws and the minutes from the last meeting. Then we talked about a bunch of admin stuff. Someone made the observation that things were moving pretty slowly and that we might want to consider meeting more than once a month. I agreed with that--I'm used to working with...
I have. I'm kind of a sloucher when I sit in chairs at conference tables. A couple of times that has led to my pocketknife falling out of my slacks onto the floor. Usually I catch it, but a couple of times I have not. So far, fortunately, my knife has always found its way back to me. But now, mainly because of this, I always clip my knife to the little inner pocket in the lining of my pants pockets. That helps to keep it from falling out.When I was younger, though, I lost...
I retired the Kershaw and bought one of these a few months back. It has been a great EDC knife. It's very, very light and slim and is sharp as hell.
I think the exasperation is supposed to be part of the show. Rick has shown some skill and talent in leading people, but the simple fact is that he's a small-town cop. It's not like he came with a bunch of built-in skill in logistics. So he (and everyone else on the show) is going to make stupid blunders from time to time, including not having a lot of long-term things thought out very well. Rick and Co. might be decent people, but they're not geniuses. Maybe somewhere...
I like it better with the baby installed.
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