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We had reservations for eight at a nice local restaurant tonight. They just called my friend who made the reservations to let us know that they would only be serving a special Valentine's prix fixe menu. That was cool with me, since I like those kinds of things, but some of the people in our group backed out immediately (picky eaters, more budget conscious). After a laughable few calls to other restaurants (all totally booked, of course), we're going to be having ribs at a...
Honeycrisp apples are my new favorite apple. I could eat like three or four a day, easily.
My wife and I just got back from seeing Deadpool. It was entertaining and funny most of the time. I'm not a longtime fan of the character so I guess I didn't have much in the way of expectations. I felt like I got my eight bucks' worth out of the movie and would probably see it again with friends if they all wanted to go.
This made me cackle with delight.
It seems to be a common practice now among horse people to call horses "boys" and "girls" like they are children instead of...y'know...horses.
Garbage in, garbage out. A lot of times a reporter will start calling around and that's the best response they'll get--people will just shrug and say "I guess she was upset about something."
It was kind of a shock when I got a little bit older to discover that the world is full of "adults" in their 50s and 60s who still don't have any more common sense or maturity/responsibility than the average 13 year old.
That's why I post on this forum. So far nobody has offered me a job yet, but to be fair I have practically no marketable skills and a horrible personality.
Dang. Like sharks on a bloated whale carcass.
The two terms that come to mind when I think "Decatur" are "OG kush" and "kief," definitely.
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