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Couple J Crew sportcoats/suit jackets in Large/40L APC Cords 34W Naked & Famous Weird Guy Indigo/Indigo 33W
Willing to move wallet and card holder together?
Naked and Famous Weird Guy Lightweight Painter Denim in size 31 NWT - Current bid at $45, ends tomorrow RRL Slim Fit White Denim 31x34 - No action, ends tomorrow
What's the sleeve length on this jawn
Hey guys, Missed out on these while Blue Owl had all sizes and I need a 33. Only in 28, 31, and 32 right now - anyone got a pair of 33 they're looking to get rid of?
Hey here are a bunch of measurements I took on em this morning: Waist (laid flat not aligned) 16in Waist (BiG ; aligned) 17in thigh (BiG) ~12in knee (BiG) ~8in leg opening ~7.25in inseam ~34.5in
post the glow pic!
Haha no worries and yea still curious/interested. Yea I'd love to see a pic since everything onine makes them seem super vivid before fading sets in. Thanks!
you never sent glow pixxx.wompwomp
Wish they did lightweight painter in a few more colors. The blue owl red WG looks great and the chino isn't heavy, but I overheat like crazy
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