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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I had forgotten how beautiful Annie Lennox was/is: lefty
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro I consider it to be rude if she hasn't left by the time I finish my shower. man some of you guys crack me up lmao
0 for me i gotta start running again, getting a little fat
Quote: Originally Posted by airblaster503 Sperm provides the look to the hair you desire. I advise using generous amounts, maybe that from about 10 men should do the trick.
how the hell do you take a cold shower? i tried it once for 5 seconds and felt like i was gonna die, i could not breathe!
im contemplating doing it but would be cheap for my i think since i only have a gap. i got very nice teeth, white and straight. They wanted me to wear braces for 2 years to get rid of it, i said HELL NO to that. not worth it. Depending on your age, braces might sound good but if you have the money get the Veneers and im 99% sure insurance does not cover since its cosmetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet What brand is this? Close-up of the receipt? louis vuitton shirt is a little too loud for my taste, very nice evidence though and is that millionaire i see?
i like the way he dresses :hat
Italy is very stritct on what you can send, i forgot but im sure you can look it up on google. Its pretty ridiculous though. Good luck on shipping there, hope you dont have any problems.
never knew you could use witch hazel, good to know.
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