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yea but what did you want me to do? pay $25+ dollars to ship a tiny box? that would still take 10 days to arrive? ive shipped shirts and what not to canada before and they arrived in less than 2 weeks.
still nothing...
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Will it go 3G on T-Mobile? no
alright, well honestly i think he should receive it by next week. ive never had something shipped to canada take a month. ive shipped 3 times to canada and the same exact way and took about 2 weeks.
$1300? umm they go for less on ebay...
pics? i might be interested
Well thats that i did, i marked it as gift and less than $50 so he wouldnt get any custom fees or anything. Well lets see, im trading with him so of course im nervous because they are expensive glasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy canadian customs is notoriously slow,i should know i live here i dont doubt it, i received something from Canada before and took awhile to get here due to customs. So should i have nothing to worry about then? I just thought it would get to him kinda quick despite customs.
Anyone think the guy should have got the glasses by now? Yesterday (Tuesday) was 2 weeks since i shipped it. Im in Michigan and hes in Toronto, Canada. Priority International can take 6-10 days. I shipped First Class which would be a little longer. But obviously we arent too far away from each other. not sure it would take 15 days so far. Maybe it might, maybe not. Im not too sure.
conjugal visits FTW
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