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i dont think this is the newer 360 with the HDMI port. hes referring to the componet cable to connect to the tv.
buyer hasnt even been in contact with me either SMH
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram bummmmerrrrrr....shitty item to have to learn a lesson with. yea, nothing i can do about it either
no i sent them to Monimus
its been a month and still nothing its not possible, im sorry. like i said before sent to Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto before and all took less than 2 weeks and yes sent the exact same way as i did now. Looks like ive been scammed
LOL dude, stop it. the glasses are fake end of story, receipt is fake as well. i could careless who your "friend" is but they are fake, 100%. i can put money on that as well.
LOL sure they were.
glasses are fake, i know what im talking about. i can cleary tell from the pics that they are fake. other members even said so as well....
they also have fake receipts sold with everything...
yes your LV evidence are fake
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