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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ What justice ? Maybe they got lost, but since you buy tracking or insurance, you have to bear the loss. How are you so sure that the sunglasses have been delivered ? BTW, Priority mail International gives basic tracking even in India. It shows a) into indian customs b) Out of Indian customs c) Delivered. My postman always takes a signature at the time of delivery. I cleared up my mailbox a couple of day...
scammers need to be brought to justice!
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz Dont Let This Thread Die
OP your confused, these dont go for 800 on ebay, thats probably the 3g ones and those are more likely the 64gb.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman it shouldnt since i got scammed by a member but this isnt like every other forum so i guess its ok to scam people
Quote: Originally Posted by hooya2 you never sent it bro kill yourself, seriously
i learned my lesson but kinda funny how my package "never" arrived...
WELP guess he got a brand new pair of $700 for free. wish i knew how to get free sunglasses, any one knows please hit me up.
still nothing....
oh wow, then thats pretty good. HDMI cables can be bought for $5 or less dollars. all HDMI cables are same quality and do exact same thing as big name brands. Anyways if i didnt already have an elite xbox then this would be bought. GOOD LUCK!
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