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i wish i could model for them seriously.
how many total slots will the card holder have? i see two on one side, the middle, any on the other side? i hope so!
anyone know the price of the new card holder? been wanting to get one for a long time and seen all these brands but im def gonna get the everlane one because i know it will look good and be of great quality
problem solved.
u necks restocked? shows sizes up for sale
when is the restock on the U-necks?
I have a pair of Black/Gold western fit evidence sunglasses. used a few times but in amazing condition. not scratches or anything. They come with glasses and case only. Obviously 100% legit as was the last pair i tried to trade but they were "lost". no trades on this one really unless its an iPhone 4 or something. I only accept paypal to confirmed addresses only, only ship in the USA. glasses will be shipped USPS priority mail with signature confirmation. asking price:...
i got scammed, the package wasnt "lost"
200+ packages is not a lot? im sure... and out of all of those, a trade i tried to make and they end up disappearing even while the member wasnt even that far away from me in Canada to begin with.... im sure if some of you were scammers and the seller didnt have tracking you would claim you never received it just so you could get a free item and your money back/keep your item. im not that stupid, what i did was stupid though but i thought this forum was full of legit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Mail gets lost frequently. Maybe even stolen before it gets to the destination. You didn't take the proper precautions cause you were cheap. That is why insurance exist. Get over it. Nothing you can do now. LOL outta the 200+ packages ive shipped over the last 8 years ever package has been delivered, all over the USA, Canada, Asia, and Europe. and most of those international ones, without tracking....
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