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u-neck making a comeback anytime soon?
Mine didnt seem to fit that way, but then again im not OD skinny. fit me perfect so i had no complains minus that the neck wasnt really wide or U shaped. seemed like a regular round neck.
whats wrong with the fit? the ones i have from them fit me amazing but i bought those during the summeranyone have issue contacting the guy who works from them on this board? my PM's have gone un answered....
i love all their t-shirtsonly issue i had with the pocket tees, for some odd reason. the sleeves were really long. tight but long.found it very odd
glad to see you back
thats what i thought very thin but materials were good but now the stitching on the side is coming loose...
am i the only one getting stitching come loose on the card holder? wtf man i havent even carried it that much, maybe 4-5 times. its some long strands on the side.
never had a complaint with the tee's but i needed some pocket tee's i ordered two which i only actually received one... anyways the only problem i had which was very weird is that the sleeve were very very long... never had a shirt like that. still havent worn it. i loved the fit of the sleeves on the crew, v-neck and u-neck shirts. short sleeves that show off my bi ceps but with these, they were tight and very long, almost near my elbow. no joke.
Received my card holder today... not gonna lie, kinda disappointed. for $55. its rather thin and flimsy. just seems cheap. really needed a wallet/card holder but was expecting more.
maybe im the first person who ordered a card holder? placed an order late last night lol
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