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Here's my situation. I purchased a nice suit on a recent business trip to Chicago. I used the store's alterations tailor, who reduced but did not the remove the lump behind the collar. I'm not flying back to Chicago and don't expect them to get it right on the second try without seeing me in the suit. I want to wear it to an important event next week. Who in the DC area do you recommend that could lower the collar and do it within one week? It seems like a...
I am so happy.
or when this Mafooman fellow buys his next breast pocket wallet from Eric Glennie.
Bernhard Roetzel, the esteemed fashion writer from Germany, would be an excellent source of information on your question. He is a very pleasant gentleman and has responded to several questions I've had.
Surprised Cruiser hasn't dropped by to defend the Steve Harvey "Code Red" Collection from Upscale Menswear.
Their Ebay Page says New York Fashions Inc. ( is dedicated to "high quality, low price, creativity, variety and superior customer service." The Ferrini Cowboy boots are out of this world. Tony Mulchandani is the foil to Sid Mashburn in the Atlanta's sartorial community.
Wondering what people thought of Eric Glennie's spliced necktie, congruent necktie, and other offerings
The interruption in the left shoulder line would bother me.
Customer service told me that the raincoat was made at a Burberry-owned factory in New Jersey that is now closed. Is anyone familiar with a Burberry-owned factory in New Jersey? I bought this coat in November 2010, so it seems like this factory would have been open until recently.
Thanks Laufer. I'm reading the discussion now. I forget sometimes that AAAC isn't dedicated exclusively to questions about saving money at Nordstrom Rack, shameless plugs for site advertisers, and coupons for Cedarville Store.
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