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NWT $120 shipped CONUS
BNIB dainite two coats of dubbin applied (sno-seal) size 9 CONUS only, free shipping
counting down: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
blind eyelets please on the derby
size 34, tailored to approximately waist size 33.
+1 on blind eyelets
sold thanks
for the derby may I suggest blind eyelets - cleaner look IMO and works well for business casual environments
worn about five times in a carpeted office over the course of one year shoe trees when not in use on wear days, broght to work in shoe bags, worn outside only to get lunch around the block i have sno-sealed twice shipped CONUS only have box and wolverine towel for reference i wear a 9 in converse and alden plaza, leydon, and grant, and i liked the firm fit of the 8.5 1000 mile, YMMV (please don't ask sizing questions) drop to $180
interest check basically, not looking to haggle worn once to and from the office, doesn't really work in my business formal environment 18" shoulder-to-shoulder 21" pit-to-pit 25.5" sleeve length 36" from base of hood to coat bottom price includes shipping, shipped only to CONUS
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