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never worn, plain cuff hem at 32" inseam size 33 walt $120 shipped CONUS
worn 10-15 times to and from my office quilted, wool, primaloft insulated, (herringbone i believe) sateen lining, retail was over $500 17" shoulder to shoulder 22" pit-to-pit 26.5" sleeve length it is warm, i wore it down to 20 degrees or so 9.9/10 condition, i have OCD so used a clothes brush and lint roller after each use, smoke-free home, hung in cedar lined canvas bag over the summer i keep reaching for my charcoal shirt jacket so this one should go $180...
friday drop
size 36, waist brought in to approximately 34" and plain bottom hemmed to 32" worn twice, immaculate condition, clearing out items that aren't in heavy rotation $75>$60 shipped CONUS http://www.howardyount.com/collections/pants/products/herringbone-flannel-pants-gray
plain cuff hemmed to 32" waist brought in to approximately 34" standard walt measurements otherwise worn once, too warm for my office $145>$125>$105 shipped CONUS
dainite works, but the chukka style would be a deal-breaker for me, much prefer a higher boot
how about a gray roughout service boot with contrast calf counter and/or tongue, with a single or double leather sole a variation on this:
question for you guys with the bal boot, is there a method to keep my pants from getting hung up on the boot strap when i stand up? i always have to fuss about to get the pant hem down over my boot top when i get up ...
i can attest to this - i have two black lamb jackets and the leather on one is noticeably more substantial than the other
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