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from last year's run worn 5 times to and from office flawless condition additional detail pictures/measurements below
never worn, BNWT size V ships with NMWA canvas coat bag and hangar
sold, thanks
rudy cut to knee, slimmed to walt fit from knee down tagged waist 33, brought into approximately 33.5" waist plain hem, approximately 32.5" inseam worn for a season, cleaned, and stored (still has dry cleaners tag)
worn twice, washed once and stored inside out plain hem, approx 32.5" inseam
sold thanks
very, very warm (worn 5 times during coldest boston weather last year) heavy harris tweed, camel cotton lined all the way to hem walt cut, originally a 34, seat brought-in to approximately 33.5" plain cuff hem, approximately 32.5" inseam
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