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please say more about the overcoats!
Jamison, are certain of the socks you carry heavier/thicker than the others? And when will the metal shaft umbrella in navy re-stock? (was at the dentist and she saw my blue houndstooth socks and took down the wesbite to grab her husband some, great socks and on sale now!)
can you send me 8.5D? thanks!
which size in w + h sneakers are equivalent to a 9 in chuck taylors - 42, or 43 thanks
as these are one-off, possible to get a Rudy cut with a Walt taper from the knee down?
^ +2, had to return my normal rivet size
^ i like this edgetrim
^ double leather and flat welt.
+1 for the suede/calf bal boot
will there be a restock of the lavender chambray s/s shirt? i need a large i suspect.
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