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interest check basically, not looking to haggle worn once to and from the office, doesn't really work in my business formal environment 18" shoulder-to-shoulder 21" pit-to-pit 25.5" sleeve length 36" from base of hood to coat bottom price includes shipping, shipped only to CONUS
same for me, i have emailed about it
will there be a high-top version?
it is the poly-fill insulation poking throughhappens on mine alsoi gave up pulling each piece through when i almost pulled through a cluster (q-tip size) that would have ripped the wool
drop for quick saturday/sunday sale i am already shipping an item sunday so would like to be efficient
$375 shipped CONUS very cool sportcoat, not sure i can pull it off in my office though never worn
$75>59 shipped CONUS, worn 3/4 times, washed 2 times hand wash cycle, cold water, woolite dark, hang dried. lifted summer/early fall and no longer fits for reference i usually wear a large in w+h hooded sweatshirts, and this cardigan fits a bit smaller so i'd say it's a true medium for w+h 18" shoulder-to-shoulder 21.5" pit-to-pit 24.75" sleeve length
guys how about a MTO of this boot, but in navy shell, speedhooks at the three top eyelets
these are still with epaulet, i determined my correct size was 33 so i am selling to re-order http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-special-order/products/special-order-trousers-wool-cashmere-mink $250 retail can have epaulet ship direct if i sell before they ship - they will go out any day now looking for quick sale $220 shipped CONUS
i suggest for the next MTO a navy shell cap-toe boot, forest last, double leather sole, speed-hooks and blind eyelets, mid-height
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