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worn 3-4 times, waist brought in to approximately 33" plain cuff, inseam approximately 32" with about an inch to let out $150 shipped CONUS
worn twice, waist brought in to approximately 34" plain hem, inseam approximately 32" with an inch or so to let out $125 shipped CONUS details here - http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-navy-hopsack-wool
+1 for a camel tweed re-up
medium bull wool already sold out ?!
@epaulet when are the hi-top sneakers due in ?
thoughts on blind eyelets and maximum allowable eyelets on the natural CXL boots ?
how durable is the mini-ripple sole, relative to eg dainite ? #16 mini-ripple
can the navy matte guidi boot be added to the OP
Model: Service boot Last: 2030 Leather: navy/midnight matte guidi Leather (tongue): black matte guidi Eyelets: 8 blind Midsole: natural Sole: mini ripple or dainite Captoe: none, or brogued cap-toe Comments: partially structured
plus one for a navy CXL cap-toe service boot on 2030 dainite with black CXL tongue
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