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Do women really judge men by the shoes men wear? I read somewhere that since women feel that they have to pay a lot, and put effort into shoes it is only fair that they judge men by the shoes they wear. To me it sounds like rubbish, I just wanted to now how true or relevant this was.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Do you wear undershirts in the Summer? I'm extremely sweaty, and would ruin all of my dress shirts (or have perpetual pitt-stains) if I didn't wear them. If I threw caution to the wind, and ditched the undershirt, I'd also have nipplage issues with thinner, summer weight shirts. Is there a way to be decent, preserve your shirts AND stay cool? Sunspel classic mesh vest.
Quote: Originally Posted by foulard Your first question is an interesting one. If I take it literally and your asking in the context of the movie at the time then I'd say Delphine just because of the whore-ishness of that older woman thing she had going. But outside of the movie definately Olga because she really blossomed after that movie as well. Great tits. Didn't she play emanuelle? 2. No. Please enlighten me with your...
Quote: Originally Posted by foulard I did the Jackal a couple of pages back 1. Who would you do in that movie at the time? a) Olga Georges-Picot b) Delphine Seyrig 2. Do you know the style of clothing Alan Bedal (Interior Minister) wore in that movie?
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty A&S I believe and TTS. I have a pair that have had the hell beaten out of them: snow, rain, desert. They've held up fine and I'll pick up another pair this week. lefty Only 25% off
I went into a BB today and saw a pair of Peal Suede Chakka boots. They cost $598 , but the saleman said they would be on sale soon. Any feedback on these? How much do they usually go on sale for?
If you had come across an additional $400 to improve your wardrobe, what would you spend it on? What would you suggest a 'friend' spend it on? Feel free to ask questions.
Tonight I went to a Thomas Pink store to serious look for a new work shirt. I looked at their solid classic pink shirt, liked it. It wasn't an obnoxious pink, but almost like a pink stain. I wonder if I washed it in warm water the color would run. There were two young people working, a young man and a young lady. The young lady was smoking hot. The guy was young and blurted out that a sale was coming soon, so I delayed my purchase. I wonder if the classics ever go on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving +1. I am willing to spend the $100 for a new pair, PROVIDED I know they fit my face. Last store I went to (Sunglasses Hut), she said "They all fit everyone". But, I'm not going to spend $100 on ebay, only to get something in the wrong size. I have no idea what my size is, and will try another store. I think they're hip to the "browse local, buy online"...
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