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Quote: Originally Posted by TheD0n So she looked like this? http://www2.victoriassecret.com/comm...ZZZ&rfnbr=1339 No she was shorter, but over half her body were legs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord Do you buy clothes for your woman? I sure don't and have found I have no clue what she likes. I know what looks good on her but only when it's on her. She hates a lot of stuff I get but usually likes what I wind up wearing. She is anti pocket square in a strong way though and thinks wingtips are for grandpas. I just got a pair of suede desert boots and she about gagged. The only clothing I...
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl yea, you can buy shirt dresses all over the place now. pre-belted, even. Thank you, I did not know this. They are very flattering if the lady has nice legs.
I noticed a woman last weekend wear, I assume it was a guy's, blue oxford dress as a short dress. It looked like she made a matching belt for it. She had nice sexy legs, I wasn't sure if she was wearing pants underneath. Have you seen women do this before?
I was at Nordstroms trying on shoes where I noticed a young woman with a handful of ties heading to the register. Is this a good or bad idea? btw She was smoking hot. How many of you still let your wife, girlfriend, or Mother (or in some cases sisters) buy your clothes? I am talking about serious clothes not the occasion birthday or christmas shirt.
Hugo Boss orange. I wish I could find a pair of the Grigioperla that Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California +10. Couldn't agree more. If you wear unattractive shoes, obviously no one is going to point out that they're non-distinct. Yeah, seriously. Knowing that there's a sizable percentage of women that *claim* they'd rather go shoe shopping than have sex (so sad, I know), it'd be ludicrous to say they don't care about your shoes at all. I mean did you guys read that thread where I think it was...
Quote: Originally Posted by galahad Coming home from the local pub this evening, I turn into my road and hear "Hello" I look around and see three kids about twelve years old on their bikes. I say "Hello, are you all right?" They reply "yes" in unison. A few steps further on I hear one of them say "It's James Bond" Well. who wouldn't be pleased? However, I made the mistake of telling my wife and she still hasn't stopped...
Here is the quote from How to Succeed with Women, I found this at a used-books store Quote (fair usage claimed): "Women also evaluate men by the quality of the shoes. It is hard for men to comprehend the amount of time women spend thinking about shoes. The have conversations with each other about shoes; they spend discreet blocks of time shoe shopping ; they sit around thinking about what shoes to wear with what outfits....With this in mind, you wouldn't be surprised...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint They certainly do, especially teenaged girls and younger women. Exactly like you said, 2 seconds. If they are not impressed with the first scan, it's over. If they like what they see, you get a second scan and possibly some attention (smile, or a 'hi' or whatever) Sad but true. Those ones, to me, are either jail bait or gold diggers. So, unless you are digging a ditch, wear nice shoes.
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