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I go to a LEGAL female massage therapist about every 5 weeks. She takes a lot of effort to cover my bits, but I am assuming that she sneak peaks once in a while. Has anyone had any experience with this? If I were giving a nice looking woman a massage I would definitely look.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Just wondering, overall how do you feel about how your life is going. Seems to be a number of introspective threads going around these days. Might add a poll. So-so. I could be better socially.
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord What was the guy wearing? Business casual button down with business casual trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow If both are dressed to the occasion, how do you judge who is dressed better? I think it's too subjective. That's a good question. I am sure the experts here can give an objective criteria.
Should a man dress better or equal to his female date? I was at dinner tonight and I notice this stunning blonde wearing a tight black summer dress. It wasn't a formal dress, but a step up from her date. I was thinking, should a man dress at least as formal, if not better, than his female date?
When did wingtips go out of style??
I am looking for a nice dress shirt with the tri-button barrel cuff and the european spread collars. Obviously men's shirt. It is amazing, but I saw a female coworker today with the woman's version. I had never seen three-button barrel cuffs on a woman before (contrasting collars and cuffs). I think it is H&M she's wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I saw a little write-up on Bresciani linen socks in this months copy of Esquire. It caught my eye because they do bright summer colors, and they say it's moisture wicking and 3 times stronger than cotton. I usually destroy my cotton socks in weeks, so I've never been able to get any nice ones, and I'd love a pair of moisture wicking ones for hot summer days. Can anyone advise on where to get any good linen...
Quote: Originally Posted by koolhistorian A. Ladies have a more acute chromatic sense - that will result in better color coordination (mostly in details that, we men, do not perceive); B. Ladies tend to build up a look around more elements than a man, and (see A.) around color rather than items; (see the extreme case where women want to coordinate their outfits (color) with their partner; the fact that they prefer male outfits ton sur ton, etc) The...
Quote: Originally Posted by gaseousclay the BB's line look like clown shoes to me I got poor service in BB, I am never going back.
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