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Does a blind man pick his ties? He wears some expensive ties, I recognize some of the patterns, but they are just plain ugly.
I got the KB playboy today and Ii am sick and tired of "nude" pictorials that doesn't show everything. You see more of her nude in that stupid movie with Billy Zane.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi walking is a secondary function for those shoes. their primary function is to be waving in the air around your ears Good Point! I guess it is just one of those mysteries.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnSOS Those socks are so gorgeous I'm going to add them to the shopping section of my e-zine for men. Understated in tone, yet smashing in character! This is close to the tie I bought
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint OP, -Marry that salesgirl if you can since you both like paisley. -Sorry to read about your father (rest his soul) -I like paisley ties too. -Agreed, that when wearing paisley ties, match them with a quiet shirt and suit or jacket. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba To trendy to wear for an eternity. That is a good one.
A couple of weeks ago a pretty young salegirl helped me pick a nice paisley purple/light blue David Donahue tie to match my new MTM shirt. Well, today I bought a pair of Robert Graham deep purple paisly socks. The funny thing, when my dad pasted away the funeral director would not even put a paisley tie on my father (God Rest His Soul) to be buried. Am I the only person who likes paisly? The socks I bought is the style in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Montauk Going for the Richie Tenenbaum look, eh? ;-) I have a RLPL camelhair suit I love in the winter. Used to have a 3 pc Polo camelhair too. Found both on eBay. Good luck hunting. Who is Richie Tenenbaum ?
I am looking to buy a vintage cut camel hair color suit, but don't know where to buy one, any suggestions? Also, can I wear it all year round?
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