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I will get my winchester boots today. Assuming they fit and I decide to keep them, I was told that I should polish them prior to wear to protect them. I went to buy kiwi mink oil but the label said not to use on delicate leather. I am not sure what delicate leather is, therefore I will probably take them to a professional shoe shinner and then polish them the next time. I was told to: 1. Use mink oil on the shoes. 2. Use black polish, obviously they are black. 3. Use...
I wore my Magnannis to my office Christmas function Saturday night. They did not hurt my feet, but I had to walk around in them for 8 hours they probably would have. Are wigtips for show or are they suppose to actually be comfortable? I have had them a while, I am still knid of waiting for them to break in.
Does anyone have a pair of the Wolverine Winchester and can relate his experience with them?
I am interested in the Wolverine Winchester. How good a boot would that be?
I do not think my clothes really inspire to any one to take me seriously, whether with women or business. I try to do the best I can. The place I work is business casual, I generally wear dockers khaki and an english laundry or a lacoste polo shirt. I wear a pair of black new balance cross trainers that look like dress shoes with Robert Graham paisley socks. I have suits for business situations where required. I do want to 'dress to impress'. Maybe I need some fashion...
I apologize. Do they tend to run in a normal width?
Okay, I saw them Skyfall. I think they are very nice looking. However, $750 is steep. I have never had a pair of wingtip boots and I have a few questions: 1. How long does it take them to break in - as far as width, how do they run, normal or narrow? 2. Can you actually wear them outdoors in a harsh environment ? 3. Are they actually worth the cash? 4. Any reasonable alternatives?
I am looking to buy a new watch, more as an item of jewery but I would I like it to continue to tell time. I looked at Skagen watches today, but I also have noticed that Amazon is selling Invicta watches for about 90% off. Does any one own either watches? Are either any good? thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour persols for 25 bucks huh? Yes.
I was at Nordstroms reack today and I bought a pair of persol sunglasses for $25 and I decided to check out a pair jeans (mens jeans that is) because the sales lady was attractive and I figure I could at least flirt with her. Well I discovered something new about Lucky jeans, that I did not need to hem them, just get the one of the four lengths that was appropiate. Then this guy started to talk to her about whether he should try to one a pair of women's jeans. I don't...
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