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It was custom made, but the shade appeared very light almost white.
Here is a picture of the shirt
Both Tom Cruise in MI4 and Jason Statham in Parker wear shirts that seem to be so light with color that they almost white. Cruise's is a light blue in MI4 and Statham's is a light pink in Parker. I am assuming that both shirts are custom made for the films, but I am also assuming that there are commercially available ones as well, any ideas?
I just purchased a new Midnight navy suit off the clearance rack at Nordstrom rack. I have a dark grey Meeting Street suit with discrete lavender strips that I have had for about 17 years. My parents bought it for me at Belks after I left college. It fits, but the pants do have pleats. No one has said anything about it or really cares. I purchase a tan linen suit about 2 years ago, but I am not sure the rules on when I should wear it. I always wanted one because of the...
Thank you for you condolences. When I was growing up I had a corduroy suit for Sunday school/church, I am from the South. My parents probably bought it from Sears or Penny's. I also had a Navy blue coat. I had a clip-on tie until my Junior year of High School when my father taught me how to tie a Windsor knot. Since the navy sports coat is so common, you can probably find one at a thrift shop for about $3.
My mother died and my sister asked me if she thought my nephew should wear a suit to the funeral. He is on the 13 side of 12 so I said I thought he should. He did not have a suit. I am not being critical, but it is my opinion that he should have at least a navy blue blazer and a dress shirt for evening occasions and funerals.
Is there any reason to wear a midnight navy tux as opposed to a black one? Cruise wore on in MI:4 and Craig wore one in Skyfall. Is the blue the new black?
Thank you, what kind of prices do the run and what is your shopping area?
Has anyone ever found a leather jacket at a goodwill/thrift store? There was a scene in 'Jack Reacher' where he goes into a TS or a Goodwill and buys a leather jacket. Apparently the store was well stocked with them.
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