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I promise I will not ignore the advice given and wear it with a white shirt. Thank you.
***Update**** Went to the clothing store and talked with two (2) adult sales/fashion consultants - My new tie 1. To be worn with a Navy suit and a blue dress shirt.
Thank you for the suggestions. I have been interviewing for Senior Engineering positions.
I will be interviewing soon for jobs. I have a new midnight navy suit pressed and cleaned. I have three ties I am planning to wear. Are these ties appropriate to wear with the navy suit? I really like the gold one, red next, the green might be pushing it a bit. I plan on wearing a white Hugo Boss shirt. Would I be pushing the envelope if I were to wear a navy oxford instead of white? ]
Here are the pants in question.
I have a pair of Lauren prince-of-wales glencheque wool slacks (black and white) but cannot find a matching jacket. What color jacket should I wear with them?
Both Zimmerli and Sunspel are selling Sea Island Cotton underwear for over $100 (£66). Has anyone bought a pair? If so, is it "worth" it?
I was looking at Lorenzo Uomo shirts.
I see a lot of "slim fit" shirts in both regular department stores and their discounts cousins, the question is am I right 'body type' for slim fit. I always think of euro-skinny when I see 'slim fit'. No offense to the neighbours across the sea. I am more concern with comfort, however, if it is ill fitting it probably won't work. I am a 46R - 17.5/35. What say you?
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