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+1"I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons."Paul Krugman = Profile in courageIf there is a more clueless, gutless wonder walking around today, I am not aware of him.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube The amazing fact remains that old Lance has never tested positive... David Millar never tested positive either.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Thanks, I apologize for my trolls being actually clever and funny lately. I'm back on my Chantix and I'm just not myself these days. Try doing a search on Dopey to learn what it is to be a clever troll.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. It's posts like those linked that make me happy to be on this forum. Sure, I view it as Conservative filled, and I'm near the polar opposite of some the people, but at least for the most part arguments here are somewhat reasoned. I mean.... I'd probably vote the same as Javynn, but I like AFs posts more. As for the topic at hand: I think this was well timed. My complete and utter guess is that Obamas campaign were...
Hopefully this will prove to the 62% of Americans that are racist that he was in fact born in the united states.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Fear isn't exaggerated. I'm sure the two Brits who were slaughtered in Florida would agree with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai I think it is odd that I have to produce a birth certificate to get a United States passport or a driver's license, but I don't need to produce a birth certificate to be President of the United States. Why doesn't Obama just produce the birth certificate and make this whole issue go away? The fact that he won't do it, just fuels the fire and makes it look like he has something to hide. According to some...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc We work in similar fields, using similar methodologies to do relatively similar research and whatnot. SO, it's probably not surprising that often we'll approach a situation or problem in similar ways. As in seeing racists around every corner?
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc T edit; I'm not assuming "birthers" as people are racist. I'm saying that they are utilizing or deploying racist behaviors or practices that are observable as such. this may seem a pedantic, minor difference, but it isn't. It's exactly how social science research works and discusses practices, discourses, behaviors, etc. I was perhaps in error for not mentioning clearly operational definitions and such, but...
Adios scumbag.
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