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Contador tests positive. Quote: Tour de France test carried out on July 21, Spaniard blames food contamination Alberto Contador has revealed he has failed an anti-doping test for the banned substance clenbuterol during this year's Tour de France. Contador won the Tour de France for a third time in July, beating Andy Schleck by 39 seconds. The doping control in question was carried on July 21 during the...
Hmmmm ..... interesting team dynamics developing at Team AG2R. Quote: Nicolas Roche is furious with AG2R teammate John Gadret. The Frenchman not only refused to stop and give team leader Roche a wheel during Monday's stage, but went on to attack. "If John Gadret is found dead in his hotel room in the morning, I will probably be the primary suspect," Roche wrote in his blog for the Irish...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I thought this was about Lyndon Johnson. Me too. I was going to offer the reason people hate him is because he use to lift his beagle up by his ears.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Born on the mean streets of LA, yo. Born on the mean streets of LA, Australian, Union guy, now living in H-Town, you must be one tough bastard.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Wel, you guys can be honorary Australians! Meh, I'm only joking around - one of the passports in my collection is the US flavour. *cough* Californian *cough*
Great thread, it brings back fond memories of this jewel.
If I remember correctly, they were going to make this years ago with Mel Gibson but the Iraq war broke out and they shelved the production.
Probably see the same result once the Vikings begin the playoffs.
I'll admit I'm biased as the Green Bay Packers are my team, but I'm going with Bart Starr as my greatest ever, followed by Montana at number two. He won 5 NFL championships, led the league in passer rating five times, averaged 7.85 YPA over his career including averaging 8.2 YPA during six seasons, has a record 104.8 career playoff passer rating and a postseason record 1.41 percent interception rate. As far as the other Packer quarterback, I wouldn't put Favre very high...
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