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I recently tried on some slim cut off the rack suits and have a question on jacket fit. Across the shoulders was good, and so-so around the waist, though bordering on pulling at the top button. However when buttoned (top button only on a 2 button single breast) across the chest in line with the middle of the lapels, the jacket sat out from the chest with a distinct point in the fabric. What in the cut is causing this, and can it be tailored to sit flat across the chest?
Quote: Originally Posted by __PG__ Italian Imports/Luisa are having a summer sale this Thursday, from 10 am to 9 pm for VIP members. The sale is open to the general public from Friday onwards. Thanks for the heads-up. Only the warehouse or the Collins St store too?
Did you have any issues with what I assume was mail order, or did you already have sizing down?
Quote: Originally Posted by Miles Gloriosus I didn't see 'em in a search. Any idea where the thread is? I may try them in a month or 2 when I have a few $$$ to spare on the experiment. I will post here if I do try them.
Any update on this? I have also been thinking about a pair of markowski, but would like some more comments from people who have actually purchased from them if possible?
I still wouldn't worry. I recently had a US shipment take over 2 weeks and I couldn't track it, so I had no clue on its progress until it turned up on my doorstep. Once it arrives in Australia, you will see tracking updates straight away. Also, you will get updates even in weekends, so working days is not an issue. Here is the detail of the last trackable shipment I got sent: Delivered Abroad, November 01, 2010, 10:28 am, AUSTRALIA Attempted Delivery Abroad,...
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Is it normal that USPS Priority Mail tracking stop sending updates once it leaves the US? I haven't got any updates since it left on the 30th. There is a period once a parcel leaves the USA that the tracking info goes quiet (maybe a week or so) then you will get an update to say it arrived in Aus and will get updates up to and including delivery.
+1 vote for cropping the image before you add it to the document. The cropping tool in word is not a good way to get this result.
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Theres no strong dollar in Melbourne Florida The locals might think so.
I don't recall ever seeing Wolverine boots in Aus. I have a pair of Wolverines (not the 1000 mile) that I bought in the USA over 10 years ago and they are one size up from my usual Aus/UK sizing. You should be ok just going up one size, but I think you need to accept that return shipping may be needed for a first purchase of a mail order item that you don't have an exact size for. Unfortunately, its part of the cost living in Aus, but net/net, you will still be better...
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