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if you think about this in terms of designer clothing, well, then there are a lot of people who need to adjust the meds
What is there to know about style? Either you have it or you don't.
Good cooks cook better. Has nothing to do with the cost of an appliance. (At least that's been my experience.)
Did you click on that link I posted to his facebook page? There are a lot of pix there. He also has a websitewww.peternitz.comyou might want to email him for addl pix of men's items.His stuff is truly handmade/hand-stitched, unlike Hermes, which is now assembled like a kit, with various craftsmen doing different portions of the piece (with some of it being machine stitched). I point this out because over the years Hermes prices have continued to go up (they have a price...
M, Did you watch the video? Peter Nitz a film by Frank J. Estermann
You might look at this guy's work (he does bespoke and recently had a show at Colette in Paris.) He does hand saddle stitching.:, April in Paris can sometimes be rather sloppy in the stitching department.(A few years ago the Hermes Fleming MC2 wallet, in Evergrain, was $1350. (plus tax)...I'm sure it's more now.)
Vevey, Switzerland Anyone have any suggestions around this area?
[quote=Advent;3241480]Just for fun. Topsiders and Madras.
Is Mafoo aware that Hermes makes a line of items for men called In the Pocket? These items may be available in the same dark green as the wallet. Perhaps you should try and get some of these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac Advent, that is gorgeous. Normally I'm not into such exotic leathers, but that looks subdued and elegant. Did you design it yourself or did Herr Nitz? Thanks! It was a collaboration.
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