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the linen/cotton blend short sleeved shirts fits very large in size, proceed with caution
I have 3 Ludlow dress shirts of the same size, all 3 of them fit very differently from very tight to loose.for such quality, I amazed at the amount they price the Ludlow shirts
This new season chino shorts have a very nice brushed nappy feel. Much better than last season's although the cut is the same.
last season's spring oxfords are thicker
my jcrew vintage tonal oxford arrived that day, it has a brushed cotton feel, more like a flannel rather than an oxford
i have two Ludlow shirts of the exact same size, XS. the midnight blue Ludlow shirt fits be perfect and feels comfortable during movement the other white Ludlow shirt of the same size feels much tighter at the chest with some slight pull at my shoulders shouldn't both of the shirt measure the same ?
managed to get my hands on a Ludlow shirt after all the hype from jcrew.com wow seriously overrated and overpriced to me, quality feels like uniqlo but at 5 times the price with better cutting that's all.
got one of these slim fit shirts in light blue http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-easy-care-slim-fit-long-sleeve-shirt/086599-31-005?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-tops%2Fmens-dress-shirts quality is good and fits like the slim fit oxfords. will get more in different colors, good stuff.
it's a sewing screw up, washing will not help
bought a pair of navy premium cotton blend trousers previously, the fit was so perfect and slim that I went to buy similar ones in black and beige, but the fit for the later 2 pairs sux in comparison to the navy one.
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