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hopefully this relaunch of old +J items will lead to a new +J collab with Jil Sander in the near future now that she is out of Jil Sander
it's a solid flannelhttp://www.uniqlo.com/jp/store/goods/128848001
just bought a pair of black selvedge jeans http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-slim-fit-straight-jeans-selvedge-130083.html#09|/men/bottoms/jeans/selvedge/| are these considered raw and will fade over time like A.P.Cs? if not , i'll just wash them regularly after a couple of wears
yes I dislike the fit for theseeven bigger than the long sleeved linen shirts
this season's chino shorts have a nappy brushed cotton surface which feels really good to touchno complains, just that the cut is rather baggy
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/adamscott/lifewearwithadamscott.html anyone tried these 100% polyester dry stretch pants?
the linen/cotton blend short sleeved shirts fits very large in size, proceed with caution
I have 3 Ludlow dress shirts of the same size, all 3 of them fit very differently from very tight to loose.for such quality, I amazed at the amount they price the Ludlow shirts
This new season chino shorts have a very nice brushed nappy feel. Much better than last season's although the cut is the same.
last season's spring oxfords are thicker
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