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i'm not surprisedwhile their basics and quality are great, but in terms of innovation and variety, they lose out badly to H&M, recycling the same old styles/color every season.
yup their 'new' releases are just re-hash of the prior season from the linen shirts to oxford shirts to chinos, same old stuff, nothing new....wonder if they even recycle the old unsold stocks/materials from the previous seasons
may i know what's with the hype over uniqlo x kaws? they look like normal UTs, only uglier
http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/feature/uq/liberty/men/ anyone bought these?
the lemaire linen blend shirt which has the same cut as the oxford got even shorter after a wash
based on the online sales so far, the hottest item is the supima plain short sleeved t
what do you guys mean by OG oxfords?
oxford, linen blend shirts, shorts and some Ts
i thought this collection is nicer than the previous linen, oxfords shirts, polo shirts, chino shorts, tailored shorts, short sleeved Ts, printed Ts, so many to get
low in terms of quality or rise?
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