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i thought this collection is nicer than the previous linen, oxfords shirts, polo shirts, chino shorts, tailored shorts, short sleeved Ts, printed Ts, so many to get
low in terms of quality or rise?
so sad for Lemaire Balmain x H&M sold out within 30 mins, Lemaire x Uniqlo end up in bargain bin
pretty good, i wore the solid navy jogger pants to work and no one noticed the ribbed cuffs
i got the flat front cotton pants a few days backthe navy as usual looks blackit is really stiff and hard, i hope it will soften after a couple of washessince it came originally with blind stitch, i would go for a blind stitch
i also have the convertible collar shirt in Navy and Hidden placket shirt in Whitethe convertible collar shirt seems to fit slightly tighter at the chest compared to the hidden placket shirtwonder if this is the case for you too
yes i like it bestno idea why they labelled it as convertible collar, what's there to convert?
can't help but feel that the navy shirts are actually black in color even wearing the shirt under bright sunlight today, i can't spot a tinge of navy, it is just total solid black
that would be S
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