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Jacket looks great, has side adjustment tabs and leather patch. See pics.
The material on this shirt is incredibly dense and it is in very good condition. Please feel free to make an offer.
It is. Because I really want to keep them all. Dudes on the street wearing their shirts from kohls and I got an allover print Japanese festival scene on my popover like what now.
If they're good brands buy them all and send them to me.
Until now: yeah it's spam too but these things are art.
My new olive professor jacket, a sample of my new suits, and two cool western style belts with the smaller buckle for bending over on a horse or something. [[SPOILER]]
Waist: 18.5 Crotch to Rise front: 11 Crotg to Rise back: 17 Thigh: 12 Inseam: 30 Cuff: 11.375
Anyone able to ID a maker from a tag on my professor jacket? Made in usa tips me off as vintage but it just looks so fresh and so clean. It's an olive green 2 button sport coat. Very soft.
Stock photo guy rocking the same shirt from my classified on the front page of
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