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Stock photo guy rocking the same shirt from my classified on the front page of yahoo.com
Lets play "How many persol arrows can we fit into one pair of glasses!"
Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I have a pair of these in the tortoise brown with green lenses. I got them for nothing when a local optical was going out of business. Who knew they'd be an iconic sunglass? I just used them for driving and after a rinsing they look as good now as when they came out of the factory.
Beautiful pieces. A few of my favorites from my collection/classified. I have a thing for not just prints, but actual scenes.
All Reyn Spooner shirts are size L. Polo pajama/camp shirt is L. Rayon travel looking shirt is Polo and M. Please feel free to make an offer for any of the shirts. They all start at a price of $50
Reyn Spooner Haul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r-k6UfTzDg
See attached pictures. Soles are firm.
I'm looking for a leatherworker to take on a project for me and make a custom brow pad for my glasses in a different color but similar style to this one: http://www.vintagesunglassesshop.com/ray-ban%20leathers%20aviator%20sunglasses%20brown_2.jpg If anyone feels this is within their realm, please contact me via pm. Thanks!
Since I wear nice glasses as accessories, I've become "The Glasses Guy" and got a gift certificate for a present. I use an independent optical shop, so if anyone sees a dope pair of frames at their Lenscrafters and wants some help scoring a deal, get at me.
I saw a pair of these paraboot loafers http://unionmadegoods.com/product/paraboot-reims-marron-lis-cafe/ in size 5.5F at my local spot. Anyone with small feet need a loafer?
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