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I don't know much about identifying manufacturer tags but it has one. Pants are cuffed hem with suspender buttons. Price is OBO, open to trades as well.
Pants are button fly, have rear pocket hidden buttons, and some cool finishing. Price is shipped, obo, and open to trades as well
Grail cargo pants in my size. Find me at the rave.
Rugby game tight.
Due to the raglan shoulder construction, there is no shoulder seam to measure. I would go by the chest measurement.
Bring it on, summer. Give me all you got.
Oh hello there...
These jeans are in unworn condition, and were probably a project for someone who never got around to wearing them. The calves and cuff have been slimmed, but all the material is still there. Perfect Jorts project. Shipped, obo, and open to trades.
Today's haul, a RRL shirt and some tech pants.
These pants are very cool. Lots of pockets, buttons, zippers, and the ankles have barrel string adjusters. If you have them in Large, GET AT ME. I wear this kind of tech pants at the gym, and if you do you will be stronger and attract more attention from the yoga moms. Price is shipped, OBO, and trades welcome.
New Posts  All Forums: