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I'm not sure if it's been said, but depending on how wide your buttocks are exactly, a center vent may look better as opposed to side vents - if the side vents are spaced too far from each other, it makes wide hips seem just that much wider.
@emptym Ohhh... In that case, just "Post mo na!" would be more natural. Or "Post na!" "Post na post!" sounds more like you're emphasizing the... post-iness of a post. [e.g. 'mahigpit' [tight] -> "mahigpit na mahigpit" [really tight], 'mahal' [expensive/loved] -> "mahal na mahal" [really expensive/really loved]. A quick fix would be a comma - "Post na, Post!"
Just a quick question: Any feedback on hats from Truffaux? They sell handmade Panama hats and are based in Australia. I'm really really digging their Kerouac model, but I wanted to check in with you guys first in case some have gotten bad experiences from their products.
@emptym While I understood what you meant by 'post na post!', it doesn't sound like natural Filipino at all - at least not to me. If you want to convey your agreement of the post, then a normal Filipino would use "Tama!" [correct!], or "Tama, tama!" [which would be analogous to "hear! hear!"] I was wondering myself how I as a Filipino would convey [if I suspect correctly] what you likely wanted to convey - that the post was a good one. I started to write up some...
I *think* he wanted to say guys can't see colors in their dreams, but women can.
Will do, Onix. I'll take advantague of the vague wording though, and just take a picture of my current shoes [Black Sebagos that have known no special care and worn everyday, with a norwegian front, rubber soles, in what seems to be nappa leather], but post said pictures a year from now.
Well, yes. But since he's asking advice from SF I figured I should work it in somehow.
Long time lurker here as well. From what I've read, SF groupthink says that a vest belongs under a jacket - unless you're planning to wait on the wedding, drink tray on hand.
A long time lurker and recent poster here, just dropping by with a quick and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful contributors on this thread. As a stylistically-deficient individual, the posts in this thread [in this board, really] have helped me gain some awareness on what to do/get/wear/etc. I don't have any shoe porn to bring here yet, but I am enjoying all the pictures and discussion immensely, so I just wanted to say that.
Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm in much the same situation as you are in, actually. Except I've started working recently, so I have some money to buy goods. It's just that I'm still too busy lurking here so I get an idea of what goods to actually buy. That said, I read in one of the older threads here to start by reading Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man, which has been a great help for me.
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