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Actually I used a neutral polish - the leather of the captoe itself was just slightly darker when I bought it, but it's mostly the effect of the deepening mirror.
Decided to start on the path of the mirror. Obviously not as good as Lear & co, but I hope I'm getting there.
If the Heritage line is indeed their series on the 137 last then the Dub Monk model is the Burghley. I posted a few [admittedly bad] pictures of mine [after a few wearings] quite a few pages back.Link to the post here.I'm not a photographer so I'm sure I made the shoe look bad, but you can request detail shots and I'll do my best to fulfill them.
While I also prefer the look of the channeled soles of some of my other shoes, user Leather Man did provide an explanation for Church's exposed stitching, for those interested in the subject - [[SPOILER]] As for me, I'm not above using sole protectors and as such am ambivalent regarding the matter of the function of channeled soles.
Recently I saw a couple-months old thread about Church's revival of their Royal Collection, so I went to a Church's to have a look-see.Went home with these double-monks in chestnut calf [Burghley - Chestnut - Betis, it says]: [[SPOILER]]
Have you tried perusing the Official Shoe Care thread? It probably has the info you need.
No better example of great customer service exists, here.I've read up on your Post's policies though, and it *seems* that there's some time yet to wait. Apparently it may either go straight to my address, or it may go to yours as undelivered.Either way, the site says 25 working days - 5 weeks. It's a long and tough wait, but I'll not have you penalized for something that clearly wasn't your fault. That said... Getting nothing for my payment is also unacceptable, so I'm...
I'm absolutely jealous. Mine was sent out 4 weeks ago, but the bright lads at the Royal Post [yes, Royal Post. Equus Leather wrote the right address down and are blameless] sent it to the wrong country... More waiting for me to even know if there's a chance I can get that package on the right track I guess. Still. good things come to those who wait and all that.
This happens to me sometimes too, and I find that a buffing session followed by leaving the shoes overnight to try again tomorrow works.Without knowing anything else about your shoe care situation, the thing I've found with a mirror shine is that the shine itself is formed from an extremely smooth surface. This is easiest achieved through multiple, extremely thin layers of wax. A solid foundation really helps here, and it's possible you're overpolishing.
Fino Leather Goods is extremely good value for money if you ask me. They have stores in Rockwell Powerplant Mall, MoA, and more besides, I'm sure.
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