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Thanks for the response Eilene. Will probably drop by soon as well.
I think I'll take you up on that offer, if you don't mind. I'd like to know what TiƱo's "house cut" is?
Great to know - doubt I'll be getting the strap though. At that price I'd rather buy another pair of Carmina penny loafers [my beater pair of choice]
Re: Santoni IIRC their straps are only available on the 8-day hand-wounds, so the croc straps on mine probably aren't from them.As for the Gladstone - I wholeheartedly agree; unfortunately it's not mine, and I can't seem to find anything quite like it. I've half a mind to just commission one similar to it for myself.
Hey guys, just got my first big boy watch and I'm really liking it so far. Looking at some of the ones on display in this thread I'm thinking maybe this one should be in the poor man's watch thread instead, but I figured I'd share anyway.
Cross posted from the Shoe Damage thread: [[SPOILER]]
Got a few PMs asking if I could provide better pictures of the green ["caviar", so the sales associate said] Corthay monkstraps, so here are a few detail shots:
Not sure if Corthay is a "forvm-approved" brand, but some cellphone pics of today's purchase [which shall not remain unpolished for long]:
Got some additions to my very slowly growing collection today:G&G Wigmore in Oxblood Calf and Oxblood Suede [[SPOILER]] Carmina Penny Loafers in Tan
Well, it depends on whether the darkening is desired or not, of course, but does this happen with even neutral or significantly lighter polish? It might indicate that the leather itself needs conditioning. Use leather conditioner [Saphir Renovateur is great], then let it dry. What it dries to is [at least from my experience] what the leather's color is when it's properly moisturized.
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