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maybe i can shoot for MC after college because highest honors at grad is only 3.55+, im mainly looking at Bain since they recruit at GT for the ATL office and know about our grade deflation so their cutoff is lower, but yeah i know my gpa isnt MC caliber. certificate in finance is like...a minor in finance to an extent, just means I have taken some finance coursework to meet the requirements for the certificate in addition to my BSME. what i learned from the alumni i...
recruiting season is upon us at school and im trying to aim for summer 2011 internships in management consulting (mbb, deloitte) and investment banking. i know my chances are pretty slim to none at mbb, but ill take my chances. since there are a ton of professionals on sf, i wanted to reach out to you guys for some feedback on my resume. all criticism is welcome. also note: i have an engineering background so i tried to give it a business spin easy to view resume:...
check out the vortex in little five for a good burger. gatech is havin their opener football game on sat if you wanna check it out. uga is also havin a game in athens if u want to make the trip. buckhead is a good choice for nightlife
actually flying korean air thanks for the tips, ill be bringing plenty of old spice lol
"anyways" its not even a real word recognized by the English language. everyone still uses it anyways
i like this explanation of the movie in his blog post
k nvm. ate steak for dinna
ok need some quick advice had some steak sittin in the fridge, it is dried out now. what should i do before i grill it? or is it fine if i grill dried out steak?
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Paul Cool, man. +1 on that!! When I was about to enter my last year for a BSEE degree, I polished up the resume (which didn't have any really good EE experience on it yet) and went to a career fair, hoping to land something good for an internship that would lead to a job after I graduated (which would happen in December so I had one more summer available). I did my best to network at the fair and I remember thinking how...
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