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im interning at samsung in suwon for the semester and im looking to get a suit made. i read through this whole thread and lots of good info, but it dates back to 2008 so idk whats out of date, etc. college kid=broke as a joke looking for a 2 piece suit under 350-400 bucks. whats the best i can get at this price point and who should i go to? hanhs in itaewon is looking like the best right now...
crushed a coke can with my forehead
Quote: Originally Posted by Newflyer What's the good word? to hell with georgia!
ID 2202: industrial design of chairs
was a finalist for a scholarship, but was not selected as a winner a couple weeks ago. i guess they forwarded my info for another scholarship, because I was notified today that i won a different scholarship! yay free money
adidas supernova. nuff said
Quote: Originally Posted by bwonger06 I think your chances at MBB consulting are essentially zero. If you are not graduating from a target school, you better have Summa Cum Laude on your diploma. Banking is much different. There will be those top tier banks that will only look at the Wharton types (Moelis, PWP, Lazard, etc.) but bulge brackets and middle market are realistic if you network your butt off. At the end of the day, these places are just...
Quote: Originally Posted by v.freeman Your odds are slim to zero. If you're class of 2012, you'll be doing internship recruiting in Spring 2011 which probably will not look great if the economy stays this tepid. Plus, the location of your school is a huge disadvantage because no one likes to go down South for recruiting with the exception of Duke. Just do a F500 engineering position. About 100x easier to get, pay isn't that shabby, especially if...
i actually like M&I, been reading em for a while, ive gained a lot of knowledge reading their articles. so how should i phrase my excel skills? id say im above the average user but not a rockstar/ninja, meaning i know how to use pivot tables and linking data
Quote: Originally Posted by Agnacious What am I misunderstanding here: You just started at Samsung 2 weeks ago, you hope to work there until december, helped produce a mechanism for defect reduction and follow this by saying the mechanism is still in use today. So, what, for 2 weeks? If I was reading, I would toss your resume based on that. For ib you should talk more about your math specifially, not collaboration and convincing. I agree that...
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