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booked my korea-tokyo flight for december before i return back home to the states =D
100 posts to see the current events forum...arrgh
fucking insane, congrats dude
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Did having Coach Curry as my avatar not give it away? haha. i went to the opener, it was legit. did you go there for undergrad or masters?
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Just got free tickets to the GSU game. Thought they were away this weekend. georgia state university?
bout 9000 korean about 8 bucks ish?
wayy too many but heres what comes to mind living on a prayer - bon jovi island in the sun - weezer a milli - lil wayne a city in florida - deadmau5
kanye west. hilarious tweets on how ballin he is
500k won is doable, just looking for a navy interview suit. any other recs?
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