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Honestly, I think LI is a great business tool. By joining my college's alumni groups, I am able to reach out to successful alumni in careers I am interested in. Since my school is mainly engineering, I have reached out to a ton of alumni with engineering backgrounds in non-engineering roles (consulting, IB, etc.) to see how they got there and if they can offer me any advice for success since I will start my FT job hunt next fall. Just the fact that I have a pretty good hit...
i played trumpet for about 4 years and then trumpet in a jazz band for another 2 as well as baritone. its quite hard to pick up playing an instrument in a short amount of time because of all the technicals you need to learn before you play solo jazz well. not trying to be mean but if you get frustrated easily, then you will quit very quickly. if you are serious about it, i would recommend taking lessons from an instructor because bad habits are easily formed and can hinder...
adidas sambas or GATs
288 fo sho http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i...B72%289%2B3%29
dibs on white shirt. great seller and a pleasure to work with
anyone using hedging strategies? im lookin for some new ideas. im currently using the 20 year treasury inverse as a hedge for now
dunhill frost
+1 on great thread. subscribed.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I second (third) this. Incidentally, I was also accepted into Columbia for engineering grad school and I seriously considered it because I had thoughts at the time of also pursuing an MBA or JD in parallel with my Ph.D. I ended up choosing Georgia Tech because it was ranked higher overall in engineering and my focus (ECE/BME). I took it seriously for 4 years and ended up with a job in line with what I could have...
+1 for paleo/primal diet
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