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adidas sambas or GATs
288 fo sho
dibs on white shirt. great seller and a pleasure to work with
anyone using hedging strategies? im lookin for some new ideas. im currently using the 20 year treasury inverse as a hedge for now
dunhill frost
+1 on great thread. subscribed.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I second (third) this. Incidentally, I was also accepted into Columbia for engineering grad school and I seriously considered it because I had thoughts at the time of also pursuing an MBA or JD in parallel with my Ph.D. I ended up choosing Georgia Tech because it was ranked higher overall in engineering and my focus (ECE/BME). I took it seriously for 4 years and ended up with a job in line with what I could have...
+1 for paleo/primal diet
kings speech and black swan
where is he located?
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