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so who on SF works at apple corporate (cupertino, not retail stores) as an engineer? i have some questions about corporate life there. post or pm me!
Quote: Originally Posted by xinxiong Hot summer day is about to,Open the wardrobe is not yet found love after another the right clothes? So, also waiting for? Immediate action bar! Welcome to { } sure you will find what you need. Moreover, the company has a good reputation, product quality standards, at reasonable prices. Over the years, has been well received by overseas friends for their support. Therefore, please rest assured...
so....light gray, dark gray, charcoal, or even black for the vest and pants? also the link is the shirt i am wearing, i cant post a pic of the particular shirt because the BR site is interactive so I cant find an html link for the pic itself.
spam? im just looking for some advice
long time lurker, first time poster here. and i am deciding what i shall wear. so far, i think i am going to go with a white shirt with big lilac squares from BR with a similar tie as shown in the pic. looks like this: now I am trying to decide if i should wear a gray vest and pants to match or go with charcoal vest/pants, which would look better? or is there another color combo that i have overlooked? advise me...
looking for a oxford shoe, preferably capped but I am open to others and has to be black. size from 10 to 10.5. Ill be getting a more accurate sizing this week so send me pm's on what you have and I will let you know. price range is $150 shipped CONUS and under. also looking for a light purple/lilac tie for a wedding coming up. let's see what you guys have!
pm sent on scarf/beanie
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