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Spending a couple of weeks in Paris in May. Looking for great restaurants for lunch since I am still a student and can't fork over mass amounts of money for dinner, but I am willing to spend some cash for an excellent meal. Reply with recommendations!
thanks for the heads up, wont be able to get them from there though.bumpage, still lookin
looking for some navy shorts, similar to these from jcrew lemme know what you got!
sold to me! thx
just an update for whoever cares i let it airdry as much as possible, came out slightly damp and somewhat wrinkled. tossed it in the dryer with air dry and no tumble for about 10 min to get rid of any leftover water. proceeded to spot iron with a pillowcase wherever wrinkles had formed. looked fine when i used it that morning. now its at the dry cleaners. thanks for all the help/advice
thanks for all the advice guys. will tumble dry with no heat and press it in the morning.broke college kid who owns one suit for interviews. give me a break
negatory. i need to wear this around 6am tmrrw morning. i am planning to let this air dry overnight and hope its dry by the morning. maybe i will turn the shower on and let it get steam dried in the bathroom.
someone told me heat will make it shrink/deform? truth? myth?
so i got caught in a random downpour in the parking lot in my 100% wool suit and ended up drenched. i need to wear this suit tomorrow morning. how do i go about drying this to avoid shrinking and wearable for tomorrow? i am afraid i will not have time to go to the dry cleaner and get it cleaned. what do i do sf??
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