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I wear v neck tshirts. Or even thin viscose tees with with a wide neck (like aa)
No, it's this one. Maybe I'm just not used to warm chunky jackets. I remember going to New York for thanksgiving once with just a hoodie
I got this down jacket while it was on sale and I quite like it. But I'm afraid it might be too warm and too bulky for socal weather. But it's really solid, water resistant, and warm. I also want to use it for moderate outdoorsey stuff (boating, hiking). Should I get the a premium ultralight parka instead? I only handled womens down and it felt flimsy as hell, even for $60.
Honestly I think the design of the denim jean has pinnacled a century ago. There have been additions like extra pockets, cinches, selvedge detail, pocket flaps, pocket designs of all sorts, distressing... But everything proved to be a fad.
I think he's saying they come in euro sizes only
Everlane is a new company and they're fine tuning their cuts with every run it seems. Just don't care enough to get into it honestly.
Received regular cashmere and +J stretch cashmere. +J is dope but regular is whack. Arm holes too big and is too thin and flimsy. No one has posted any fits or reviews of everlane so I'm still not convinced that the cut is good.
Hope I'll never need a vastly different set of clothes for work. Got those +J cashmeres in a few sizes before they sold out and some regular v necks. Hope they work out as it's all I really need for socal winter.
I don't understand what's going on jet getting on the uniqlo kop train. I think you gave up bro, you don't give a shit what you wear anymore, admit it. (6.75)
It's gonna be fine. They're jeans.
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