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Thank god some fits
Boots should generally be a bit more spacious than other type of shoes. But if your foot is swimming in them then you should just cut your losses sooner than later. If you got them on Zappos then get a smaller pair and see how they feel
Not at all. SVB definitely honed in on the ideal silhouette over the past 2 years.
Chunky cardigan is the grown up hoodie
Ok, since we're still on the topic some 2 days after CDH post: it can't possibly be a good idea to dress like a baller and spend money like a baller on a first date. Spending a shit load of money on the first date would make a lady feel obliged to put out because you spent a lot of money, putting her up against the wall. I think wearing a hoodie or some shit and spending
Thanks for the post. Is the zipper just as shitty on the mainline mmm? That's my biggest complaint. Otherwise its hard to spot the difference.
They look fine but you said there's resistance when climbing stairs. Thigh doesn't stretch out as much as waist so if you were to size down you'd never really be able to comfortably go up stairs lol. But hopefully these will loosen up enough to be comfortable.
Someone put this in a time capsule. Would like better if tee was an inch longer.
Don't do this since thighs are already tight.
Not bad at all. It's about time for bespoke jeans to become more common. Post some detail shots if you have a chance.
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