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You really oughta consider other cuts because the leg is too narrow for you on these. You can try to size 510/511 so as to have room in the upper block. Or do 513 or something...
Buying sweats
If I had to guess I'd say Michael Kors. Use the SMALL QUESTIONS thread for stuff like this.
fresh and classy
Got really tired of chasing after the perfect denims after a couple years. So I got some dark wash Levis for $35. Feels good.
Having discussions within discussions can potentially be great. But I guess this is what reddit tree-style discussions are for, however, it becomes quickly difficult to navigate enormous reddit threads because they're not sequential. For this community it could be especially great as discussions can be started around certain fits while still being bound by WAYWT context. Unfortunately forum software like this wasn't conceived to do anything like this.
Looks cool, would cop green if decent @ $60
No hate you leggy bastard
Lol, oops. Didn't know all levis patches say 1873. Would've been cool though.
Crazy, wonder if Levi was bidding on them. 140 year old jeans in pristine condition. Wouldn't mind putting some sick fadez on those.
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