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Unless its denim business casual I think I'd too rather do suits than be in khaki-polo hell. I might actually get a tech job in business dress environment soon and it might be a tough transition at first but I figure I'll stock up on H&M/Uniqlo suits that I can throw onto the backseat as soon as I clock out everyday. Tough part will be getting shoes without getting sucked into CM wormhole.
No way man. After all my investments my biggest fear is that SF look will go mainstream. It's already bad enough running into someone with tapered raws and white lows.
You might get away with sizing up another 1 or 2 or NS but you should definitely give to a cut with fuller thighs a try (like Rescue), it might end up being more flattering. If you are of 'athletic thighs' group you really don't want jeans that hug them.
Has anyone else ever put all their clothing into a spreedsheet? Since getting into the clothing game my goal was to own as few pieces as possible and keep it simple. But looking at everything I own in a categorized list...
It would be way more useful if the 'Recent Images In This Thread' view all feature in WAYWT threads would sort from newest to oldest
Bought these new from TBS late 2011. They were cold soaked and worn twice in an unsuccessful effort to break them in, first time just the upper block and second time the entire denim. Shouldn't really affect them too much in the long run as they've also been worn about 3-4 times. These still have a long life ahead of them so pick them up for a good deal. $85 shipped CONUS Also willing to trade for pairs in size 33 waist: 17" no dip upper thigh: 12.25" rise: 10.25" back...
Apparently its just a single layer shell and it sucks too.
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