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You need to ask notwithit!
I wouldn't mind knowing as well despite the apparent h8. Reasonably flared slim boot can be some serious cowboy shit, which is what denim is about in the first place really.
I think you should definitely size up bro.
I really like AR's fit but seriously, with something like leather hi-tops it would be out of the ballpark ez.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomashi i'd just go with chucks Wrong. No arch support.
I wanted to post about this for some time. This shit or something else to make sf mobile friendly. I love sitting on the toilet and checking out guy's fit pics on my iPhone.
^ I love it. I would probably invest in a fleshlight because I hear nothing but good things about it but on the other hand I'm lazy and can take care of the problem the traditional way (plastic bags and canola oil)
Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 [[SPOILER]] Fit looks good but pockets are huge! Do not dig.
What? Pennies are dirty, it's the last thing I want to touch before reaching for my cack.
I'm interested too, I want someone to sow me some 19cms.
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