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Trying to get them tailored is only going to sink more money into the problem. Sell them and be more mindful of your weight situation before buying pieces. I might be looking for a pair of dungarees...msg me more details if you want.
Moved to DTLA a few weeks ago. Was walking down 7th today and went right past you and your wife. Wanted to shout STANELYVANBUREN WE MEET FINALLY! And proceed to pretend to be Miran. But I didn't. Cool shirt.
The slim dress shirts are a tiny bit slimmer than the oxfords. There must be some variation too because the solids like gray and off white feel roomier than the check patterned versions.
Kinda harsh for a $20-$30 slim shirt. I bought a bunch for daily office wear and they've been fine. 5-7 washes and they're still great. About to pick up some more.Obviously if you want a shirt for specialish occasions then look elsewhere.
at the template of the jawnz the jacket cares for YOU
MEN DRY FLAT FRONT PANTS have a pretty fantastic fit, thanks to gettoasty for the rec. I only wish they had them in navy. Also it's taking forever for them to refund all my orders. Grr, their operation still sucks
Can't we, the styleforum, figure out something about the shorts situation? Something with just the right amount of bagginess, the right amount of drop, and the perfect length. Hmm.
Financial company. But I wouldn't say it's terribly uptight because some people wear ridiculous shit, especially women. And I can freely wear leather jackets over shirt/tie/slacks. Just wondering if I could hold out on Aldens for another 15 years and instead keep buying stuff like MMM and APC to wear in corporate environments[if need be].
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