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Awesome post. Just wish thy were smalls.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin Well these are made by N&F and I honestly can't tell the difference Are unbrandeds' identical cut to n&f, or just identical construction?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nizza I'm new to APC denim and really need some advice on how to sizing the APC NS pretty much i'm a 33TTS waist i wear a 33*34 in 501 LVC 1947 which the waist fit perfectly well so would you suggest that i go for a 29 or 30 waist tag...i kinda want a slim look but not skinny 30 if you have regular thighs. 31 if you have large thighs. don't go for 29, may even want to get 31's if you are 33.5 or something.
I hope that when I'm that age I'll have a grandson to hook me up with all the latest foot steez.
Those actually look pretty good Nomy. I was initially really put by the name because Strike Gold sounds like some casino you'd find off strip in Vegas. Looks like a really good cut though.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Did you see the picture without the jacket on? Dude's practically busting out of his sleeves. I'd say work on a fake British accent and he can pull off a Jason Statham. Didn't notice. Yeah, he's definitely already there. I thought I was destined to bald but it looks like I missed that genetic hand. I'd have no option but to try to bulk up and keep it really short, not sure about going all bald--just short...
Something akin to these. Basically something with a wider mid top. I should really just save for the mcqueens but I just need something to hold me over =X
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 Haha you're very right, bald guy Steez is a tough sell. I basically keep buzzing my hair with a lower number every 6 months. I'm sure just shaving my head is coming, but that's so much effort Pump up some and you can pull off a Jason Statham. Just add some sunnies for extra mad steez.
This thread has been pretty uninspiring. I'm looking to get a mid top sneaker who's silhouette isn't slim but also not too chunky. Want something in black/dark/gray preferably with some kind of blue detailing. Less than $150. I'm at a loss. Might just pick something up from Supra or Heyday
Before the hate comes I just wanna say that judging from a few recent pics of Thom he's gotten pretty steezy. Until OP fixes his image someone should ID this shirt instead.
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