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Quote: Originally Posted by abcdenim hey modernart, just wondering but why'd you choose unbranded for such an extensive project? why not something better known to fade, or something with a little bit more craftsmanship and quality? I think he started doing it because unbranded's fading properties aren't documented much. So far looks like they fade just as well as any other denim of higher 'craftsmanship and quality'
You should try to get some 501 STFs and have a good tailor take the legs in to your liking. Should be pretty cheap and if it turns out well you can use them to compare to other pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by steviecakes [[SPOILER]] Thoughts? Some of the best Vans I've seen. I'd totally get these if I hadn't just got a pair.
Sounds like someone has the pictured CPs and is feeling very wronged. Oh so very wronged.
I'm in the process of arranging to go up into space as a space tourist. Do you guys think if I clothespin my jeans outside the space station that it'll get rid of the stink?
I'm not even counting the drapey goth ninja stuff. I guess: shorter than knee length and it's prep, longer and you're a fratbro. Drink your poison.
How come all the shorts I see on styleforum are much shorter than knee length. Is there something wrong with slimmish shorts that go down to the knee and even a little longer?
I really don't like leather chucks, especially if they're just the standard black or white. Gives off a vibe that you're going after the casual and basic street cool that converse represent but that you're trying too hard to step it up a notch by getting a leather $100+ version of the shoe. Although leather hitops or worse than lowtops. Either get a regular pair to trash or buy another more reputable leather shoe.
My +J Light Cottom Jacket is coming in today, could be a pretty nice score since it was 50%+ off on that sale a couple of days ago. Hope I have better luck with the fit, I got a small. Linkinwayne you don't wanna just ship it back? *edit* oops, didn't realize you were prolly in Canada
Needs more pics linkinwaye looks pretty good bro. Snowman, I think I gave you some unwarranted crap earlier on for which i apologize, but since I've joined i was lucky enough to witness your transformation. Really good stuff, your aesthetic is really coming together and you can tell even by your body language that everything is clicking. Bravo.
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