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Pretty much. But either way you're probably not doing a good job projecting heterosexuality. Like you've mentioned I think it comes down to how comfortable you feel and look and your mannerisms. A lot of guys who are consciously playing dress up before they go out probably just won't be as comfortable had they just worn something boring but tried and true.
Guys, when this happens grab her by the waist and pull her in close then offer to show her just how gay you are. Perfect way to turn up the heat.
Very nice jacket from earlier this year I believe. The olive color is quite nice. Will trade for size Medium. $200 shipped CONUS Shoulders: 18.75" Sleeves: 26" P2P: 23.75" Length: 26.50"
dat cheap bomber hype
Fucking uniqlo drop the god damn fucking wool suiting.
Good stuff. Where did you get US chucks? Ebay?
Those MOMAs are great amathew. Been been wearing mine x3 a week for 5 months, just got vibrammed. Would love to get that model in black. Liked this jacket a lot but didn't want to pay retail. Now it's on sale. Winning.
When does it drop? Me want sweats
Got my first outlier product, black slim dungarees. At first I was kind of thrown off by texture given off by a synthetic weave but it very quickly grew on me. Great pants, great cut and comfy. I might go for OGs and the tees next. For the posters above, I say embrace the pocket flare, it looks fine to me. They're meant to be a comfortable pant to wear biking and to the office. The whole perfectly slim/straight pant is just a trend that isn't sticking around forever..
I'm actually on this forum just for discussions such as these. This is important, this stuff matters.I got my lows TTS and they fit great.
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